Whether you need company on your commute, or you’re happy to bring us into your home, you can listen to any podcast on the site by simply selecting a show and clicking play. But how will you know when a new podcast is live?

The obvious solution is to visit daily, but if you have time on your hands, it might be simpler to subscribe to your favorite Beyond Kasterborous podcast through your preferred MP3 playing app. This way, the podcast will be ready for you to listen to almost as soon as it is launched!

So, how can you subscribe?


Our shows can all be found on iTunes, so if you have an iOS device (iPad, iPhone) simply select the appropriate link to subscribe:

Player FM

The popular podcast manager for Android also provides a means to play our podcasts.

TuneIn Radio

Here, only the Doctor Who podcast is available. However, if you use an Amazon Echo, you can summon the podKast with a K via Alexa!


The site that hosts our podcasting endeavours, Audioboom also provides a mobile app for you to listen as you go.

  • Doctor Who PodKast with a K
  • BeyondKasterborous
  • Coaxial

  • Doctor Who PodKast with a K
  • BeyondKasterborous
  • Coaxial

Subscribe at the Website

We’ve also provided you with two ways to get updates from the site.

  1. Subscribe to email updates for new posts, using the form on the right.
  2. Use our RSS feed to get updates in your feed reader or old-style podcast manager.

Social Networks

Meanwhile, by following Beyond Kasterborous on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribing to our YouTube channel, you’ll get instant notification of new episodes.