About Beyond Kasterborous

Beyond Kasterborous is a podcasting hub for a range of topical cult television and movie podcasts.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are simply self-contained online pre-recorded radio shows. You download them to listen on your computer’s audio player or listen to them on an online hosted player such as those embedded on this website, or in catalogue audio sites such as audioboom.com.

You can also download them to your phone or tablet using a dedicated app. Some cars can even play podcasts, as can the Amazon Echo.

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Who Are Beyond Kasterborous?

We are a selection of cult television and film critics from the UK and the USA. We are fans, but we like to position ourselves as critical more than fanatical. We don’t look to define ourselves as any form of consumer custodian – our opinions reflect our own critical reflections and do not seek to define your own. We do aim to represent any fandoms, we do not aim to valorise any production we review. We try to be fair, we try to be honest, and we do our best to be critical; we seek to justify our reasons, rather than opinionate our feelings.

The emphasis here is on try – it’s not always as easy as we’d like it to be!

Who We Are

Beyond Kasterborous currently publishes the following shows.

Doctor Who: The Podkast with a K

This is the long running Doctor Who podcast that originated from the online Doctor Who magazine Kasterborous.com, hosted by Kasterborous’ then editor Christian Cawley, his associate editor Brian Terranova, and later, contributor James McLean. This podcast, or PodKast, and its listeners, or Listener, continue onwards with Beyond Kasterborous, talking all things Doctor Who, including current news, topic analysis, and episode commentaries.


Our non-Doctor Who cult TV and movie podcast. Over the years we’ve looked at Star Wars, The X-Files, Flash Gordon, Ripper Street and more.


Join Vworp! Vworp! Editor Gareth Kavanagh and writer Christian Cawley for a look at British cult television.

PropKast with a K

A look at props within cult television and the fantastic reconstructions through its fandom. Hosted by prop collector and enthusiast, Brian Terranova.

John and Jim’s Excellent Journey

An irregular podcast with American cult writer and author John Kenneth Muir and the show’s host, James McLean that focuses on cult American television of the twentieth Century.


Newsflashes for cult television events with Christian Cawley and James McLean.