Doctor Who Series 10: Bill’s Gay – Will We See Character, or Titillation?

In the first of TWO Doctor Who podcasts this week, we chat about the latest Series 10 news. We’ve a new trailer to discuss, along with the news that Pearl Mackie’s character Bill Potts will probably be leaving at the end of the run.

And there’s a look at how Steven Moffat writes for women, and how this might translate to the Doctor having a lesbian companion…


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  1. Lurman's Unite says:

    Of course the BBC doesn’t recognize Izzy as a companion if they don’t remember, or don’t count, parallel universe Mickey…Or, Jack (as the PodKast mentioned), or Jenny/Vastra (Companion status is debatable), or the fact that all of the female companions Moffat has written are at least bi (Clara, Amy, and to a lesser degree River)… and how well were any of those characters handled? Doctor Who was much more progressive during the wilderness years than it has been since Moffat or RTD. While I’m with James on this one with the regarding the titillation, I also think this is being promoted (along with the recent Capaldi interview) as an attempt by Moffat, once again, to defend himself. “How could I be a misogynist if I made a lead character LGBT? (again)”

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