John Hurt Returns as the War Doctor to Big Finish!

Whoa, well this came completely out of nowhere! Teased only yesterday with this tweet:


It’s now been revealed that Big Finish‘s new announcement is that Sir John Hurt will be reprising his role as The War Doctor in 4 new audio boxsets!

The first boxset, titled Only The Monstrous, will be released in December of this year containing 3 new stories called The InnocentThe Thousand Worlds and The Heart of Battle.

All three stories will be written and directed by Nicholas Briggs and will feature voice talent such as Jacqueline Pearce (Chessene in The Two Doctors), and Lucy Briggs-Owen (Tina Andresson in the upcoming The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 01).

The cover of this set was designed by frequent Big Finish designer Tom Webster.

But that’s not all! We also have some information about the second War Doctor boxset. Infernal Devices will be released in February 2016, written by frequent Big Finish writers John Dorney, Matt Fitton and with the voice talent of Phil Mulryne!

Now, enough of me blathering on about this. I know you really want to hear what Sir John Hurt says about this, don’t you? Well you’re in luck:

Now that we’ve all calmed down, let us know what you think! Are you excited about this boxset and technically Big Finish‘s first New Who Doctor? What stories do you want to be told about this crucial time in the Doctor’s life? Personally I’m hoping they bring George Mann back to write for these boxsets, the War Doctor was written beautifully in Engines of War. Comment below!

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7 Responses

  1. TimeChaser says:

    I was not expecting this at all, but I am over the moon. I will certainly pre-order at least the first two box sets.

    Let’s also hope this news is a good sign that audios with 10 or 11 are not far off either.

  2. Bob James says:

    Awesome news all around!

  3. Prince Poopy Pooch says:

    Very interesting. Alas, I wish the audios weren’t so expensive.

  4. Vader the White says:

    I want this. John Hurt is an excellent actor and did such a good job as the War Doctor in the 50th that more is most welcome!

  5. WarDocFan says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! So excited!!!! Words cannot describe.

  6. Edward Delingford says:

    What a lovely way to honour John Hurt’s character and allow us to enjoy more adventures. The War Doctor was for me the most outstanding part of Day of the Doctor and Engines of War is probably one of my all time favourite DW novels. While I would love to see Hurt return in the flesh for a cameo or maybe an entire adventure with Capaldi, this is the next best thing and also recognises that his illness shouldn’t affect his ability to continue to entertain us. He has a voice full of life’s experiences and audio is a fantastic medium for someone of his range as an actor. Jacqueline Pearce is just the saucy cherry on the top. How many teenage boy’s fantasies revolved around Servalan I wonder?

    Since we’ve never heard officially about the Tennant and Tate rumour directly from BF, I’m wondering if that was a cover story to keep this announcement secret (and to be honest, Hurt joining BF is a much bigger news story than Tennant/Tate or any of the other newer doctors and companions) or perhaps they’ve been held back as this set is their current focus given how precious Hurt’s time and availability must be. Awesome news and I wonder if Matt, Karen and Arthur might be not too far behind? Eccleston remains a dream, but who knows? None of us would have guessed that John Hurt’s War Doctor would be appearing in time for Christmas.

    I do feel a little sorry for the older doctors though as the recent announcements about the River Song-8 adventures and now this may tempt more money to these rather fabulous and shiny new productions, rather than the ongoing meat and potatoes stuff?

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