The Witch's Familiar Reaktion: Poll Results

October 4, 2015

We asked, and as always, our fellow Kasterborites came out and responded. This time, the call was to let us know what you thought about the second episode of Series 9, The Witch’s Familiar. Given the contents of said episode, there was plenty of room for diverse opinions. Let’s take a look at how the poll turned out, shall we?

That was pure magic! 44.73% (208 votes)

Lived up to expectations 31.61% (147 votes)

Good, but didn’t quite live up to The Magician’s Apprentice 11.61% (54 votes)

Extremely underwhelmed 4.52% (21 votes)

What is happening to Doctor Who?! 7.53% (35 votes)

Majority says it was magic! But numbers are only numbers. Here at Kasterborous, we’re genuinely interested in your commentary on the episodes as well. Here’s a taste of the comments that were made regarding the episode:

Personally speaking, unless it turns out to be Clara, I’m not that interested in learning more about Missy’s “daughter,” assuming she has one. Loads of good points in these comments. As for this writer’s opinion, I thought the episode was good but (and I feel as if I’m saying this a lot) the two parter as a whole tried to cover too much ground at one time: very little for Kate Stewart to do, a plot that could have easily been written without Missy’s involvement, and those bloody sunglasses.

However, all the moments with Davros were fantastic and Capaldi may own the best performance of any Doctor against the Dalek creator after this.

But enough of my opinion; do you agree with the poll results? Would you agree or disagree with the points made in the reader comments above? Have a wildly different take on the episode? Let us know below!

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2 comments on “The Witch's Familiar Reaktion: Poll Results

  1. Semi-Evil Semi-Genius Oct 4, 2015

    I’ve got to nag about the poll a bit (just a bit): there wasn’t really an option for finding the second part better than the first. The opposite reaction was there, or options for liking both, or hating both. So, I didn’t vote in that poll. But I know, you can’t imagine every possible opinion and create a choice for each.

  2. The sunglasses are probably just 12’s answer to 11’s fez. The sonic has been overused by 10 & 11 so I’m glad it’s gone for the time being. 5, 6 & 7 got on fine without it so why can’t 12?

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