Jenna Coleman explains Doctor Who to Conan O'Brien

Doctor Who‘s a weird old show isn’t it? There’s so many ridiculous concepts that we’ve just accepted for so long that you kind of forget just how strange it looks to someone not really in the know.

Jenna Coleman was recently on CONAN discussing her leaving Doctor Who and what she may or may not have taken from set. Also discussed was how insane Doctor Who is. Conan, who doesn’t seem particularly well versed in Who terminology (referring to the Doctor as Doctor Who and companions as assistants), brings up how the immense, infinite story potential of Who, which can apparently even include Santa Claus himself!

Jenna, who after three seasons of Doctor Who madness is desensitised to the outlandishness of it all, casually reaffirms:

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, we met Santa. That’s a normal day for me. We time travelled and I think just kinda hooked up along the way, decided to go meet Santa.”

In explaining the shows madness, she used the age old proverb:

“I think the key to the show is do not apply logic, ever.”

Yeah, that sounds about right. And isn’t that fantastic?!

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8 Responses

  1. Rick714 says:

    She probably would have easily diffused the situation by mentioning the episode dealt with the Dream world in addition to time travel. I guess now that Ferguson is done, we’ve got to depend on the kindness of our late night show hosts for Who stars.

    So Janes Cordon *especially* should start pitching in, considering…..

  2. Namnoot says:

    Conan knows what it’s about. First remember he had Capaldi on during his week of shows at Comic-Con, plus he was with the writing team at the Simpsons when Tom Baker’s Doctor was appearing in cameos. He was just playing things up for comedy. Plus, let’s face it, at first glance Santa on Doctor Who might seem a bit silly. Jenna, to her credit, decided not to give a nerdy explanation. Conan probably chose to poke fun at Santa because he could have poked fun at the Master becoming Missy instead but these days he’d have gotten in trouble for that.

    • kwijino says:

      Yup, clueless and kinda silly is his trademark. To his credit, I’ve always seen him as being really nice to people.

  3. ThePurpleFrockCoat says:

    I saw some of the usual negative comments regarding Jenna’s quote not applying logic on Who when she wasn’t even the first to say that. It was Matt Smith who did on Top Gear.

    • SMC says:

      Of course; there’s an idiot fan brigade with knee-jerk responses that could power a flight to the moon, but have no grounding point in reality at all. It’s an illness, I guess.

    • Namnoot says:

      And I saw similar sentiments made in the 1970s. And remember they just showed a picture of Clara and the Doctor with Santa Claus. Plus, her statement is true. You have to throw logic out the window to enjoy not only Doctor Who but Star Trek and most fantasy-based SF. If you think about it too hard or try to assign actual scientific principles, most of these franchises fall apart. Ask Neil deGrasse Tyson what he thinks of the Disney classic SF film The Black Hole. Anyone who religiously sticks to the (yet to be firmly disproven) scientific law that you cannot go faster than light and demands total scientific accuracy in film and TV cannot enjoy Star Trek because the entire franchise is predicated on the ability to do this (I’m not speaking metaphorically, there are people who do reject Star Trek and Star Wars based on this attitude). Likewise you have people like Hawking saying travelling back in time is impossible (forward yes, though you need cryogenics or a craft capable of moving close to the speed of light, but not backwards) which renders Doctor Who unenjoyable to those who cannot suspend logic and disbelief on that one key point.

      • kwijino says:

        I know I am sad for knowing this, but FTL doesn’t happen in Trek or Star Wars, believe it or not. Basically, they do like the TARDIS. The ship nips off into another dimension where the co-ordinates are closer, then pops out at the right place. That’s my understanding of warp drive and hyperspace.

      • ThePurpleFrockCoat says:

        I think people have this need to want to have things explained to them in a logical way and that’s where the trouble starts. The internet age is full of cynics. I know I’m guilty of that time to time but honestly why not just drop the cynicism for 45mins and ENJOY the ride.

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