Make Your Own Action with the Doctor Who Game Maker!

Budding digital wizards can now create their own games based on their favourite show with the launch on the BBC website of the Doctor Who Game Maker.

Accompanied by a trailer voiced by Dan ‘Strax’ Starkey, the new feature is part of the recently announced initiative which sees the BBC doing its bit to equip a new generation of skilled IT users with the tools needed to harness their creativity.

The site enables users to create and share their own games, either by starting from scratch or from a set of templates. Format choices include platform games and puzzles, and designers can choose which characters and enemies to include. An Arcade area allows users to share their work and lets other visitors try out the games.

The Game Maker will set a weekly challenge which gives users a theme to base their new games on – week one requires you to create a game featuring that servant of Davros, gliding bundle of snakes Colony Sarrf! Be warned – he can be set to fire snakes…

If this all sounds a bit complicated then help is at hand from a series of Game Maker Tips videos, again voiced by Starkey, which tell users how to go about adding multiple levels and making larger worlds.

Head over to the Doctor Who Game Maker to get creating and be sure to let us know what you come up with!

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