The Valeyard Judges the Doctor’s Comic Adventures

Well this is just getting ridiculous.

The Eighth Doctor is getting his own comic book series now? Really?

I can appreciate that they need to run a series with what they perceive to be the current incarnation and I’m aware that there will always be enough fan-girl interest to make it worthwhile doing a sandshoe themed line. I may not like it, or him, but I can appreciate the financial sense in doing so.

I was less than thrilled to discover that the floppy haired version of me was getting a line as well, but consoled myself that at least the overly ginger whiney one wasn’t going to be appearing. One takes their consolations where they can.


Then I was completely taken aback to discover that they were going to chronicle some of my leather bound phase as well, but upon reading the synopsis and noting the appearance of a certain former Time Agent I realised that was Barrowman’s fault. It’s astonishing how often this turns out to be the case.

However I began to grow weary when news reached Kasterborous Towers that my short bearded self was going to turn up in a crossover type event. Even now I’m unsure what vexed me more, the idea of a 90s style crossover or that a Doctor with considerably less screen time than me was getting  a shot at comic stardom. Thankfully Cawley calmed me down by explaining that Paul Cornell would be scribing this particular event. I’ve always had a soft spot for Mr Cornell and his writings, so am willing to overlook this occurrence.

This time.

But movie boy is a step too far. That makes three Doctors (Eight, War and Nine) with less screen time than myself with a comic and quite frankly the 90s throwback had enough comic time back in his DWM days.

No, enough is enough. It’s well beyond time that I had my own comic book. As much as I enjoyed my seventh incarnation I will be extremely upset if he gets a comic reprise before I can make my debut.

Can’t you just picture it?

“Join the Valeyard on his quest through Time and Space as he seeks vengeance on his oldest enemy; himself. Joined by sassy (they’re all sassy these days – Ed) new female companion from a contemporary city yearning to escape her boring yada yada yada…”

And wouldn’t I look striking in a Alice X Zhang style cover? Really I don’t see why this isn’t happening already.

I will be most unhappy if the rumours of a Frobisher ongoing series prove to be true…

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3 Responses

  1. Doctor Moo says:

    Who’s responsible for this one then?

    Next week on Kasterborous: The Morbius Doctors call for a Big Finish spinoff, with special guest star Shalka Doctor!

  2. Namnoot says:

    Personally I’m all for there being comics about every incarnation (yes, you too, Valeyard) plus one about Romana either in E-Space or set in the Big Finish Gallifrey continuity. Paternoster Gang, Torchwood, and Benny Summerfield, too. If DC and Marvel can have copious titles set within a single fictional universe, then so can Doctor Who. (And, realistically, Titan tends to go for limited runs anyway.)

  3. Random Comments says:

    It’s been far too long since I’ve seen a Valeyard piece here. Good to see them again.

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