Just Who Is Maisie Williams Playing in Doctor Who Series 9?

I don’t think Doctor Who would be Doctor Who if every series of the show didn’t provide the fans with a burning question. A burning question that would have them speculating mindlessly for many months before the series or indeed the individual episode premiered on our television screens.

Last week the first official trailer of Series 9 was released, and once again it set up a question that would irritate and excite fans for weeks to come. This year, the question is: Who exactly is Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark) playing?

First of all let’s look at what we already know about Williams’ character. Well firstly, when the initial announcement that the now recognisable Maisie Williams was to star in two period adventures of the new series, a quote came alongside the announcement. The quote, which was issued by executive producer Steven Moffat said: “… It’s not possible to say too much about who or what she’s playing, but she is going to challenge the Doctor in very unexpected ways. This time he might just be out of his depth, and we know Maisie is going to give him exactly the right sort of hell.”

We know that there are very few characters who can give the Doctor hell, and something to think about. And now with the trailer coming out that provided us with a glimpse of the character, where she said a line that indicates she knows who the Doctor is (“Hello, old man,”) has sent fans even more Stark (pun intended!) raving mad.

It was also established by Williams herself, as well as Capaldi that her character would indeed have a connection to the Doctor, and also us as an audience.

So let’s look at the possibilities as to who this hell-raising character could be…

Susan Foreman

Susan and her Grandfather. But who is he?

Could Maisie Williams be playing Susan?

Probably the option that people are hoping Maisie’s character to be the most. For those fans out there who have never seen Classic Doctor Who, Susan Foreman was a pupil at Coal Hill School in the very first serial of the show An Unearthly Child. She was later established in the same serial to be the Doctor’s granddaughter. A girl from another world, who was a wanderer in the fourth dimension.

Susan (once again played by Carole Ann Ford) was last seen in the anniversary special The Five Doctors alongside the First Doctor again, after she initially left in The Dalek Invasion of Earth in 1964, with the Doctor vowing to see her again in the future. Aside from the 1983 special, we are yet to see the Doctor revisit his granddaughter. Could this be the series he finally does that, even if unintentionally? With Capaldi’s Doctor being a Hartnell-esque Doctor at heart, maybe Moffat is seeing the opportunity more clearly than ever here?

Unfortunately, there is always something that could straight away debunk such speculation, until it is proven otherwise. A few factors come into play that may mean it isn’t Susan. Firstly, when the Doctor left her, Susan didn’t have a TARDIS, and because the last serial she was ever seen in was set in the 2100’s. It seems unlikely that she would be able to travel back to what looks like Viking times and the 1700’s in The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived.

Also, it was never established on-screen that Susan was in fact a Time Lord and had powers of regeneration. While it was assumed she was, there is also the possibility that she is simply a Gallifreyan girl and never attended the Academy. So there is no evidence that she could change her face from Carole Ann Ford’s original Susan into the younger Maisie Williams.

Alongside that, another thing that could debunk the speculation, albeit far less solid than the two reasons above is how Williams came across in the trailer. I may be reading in between the lines here, but Susan was intially portrayed as an often timid, terrified teenager when on the travels through time and space. Maisie looks confident and full of personality, with maybe a hint of no-nonsense of scheming also mixed into the cauldron, which likens more to the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny as seen in Series 4 of the new series. But then again, as seen with the Doctor himself, regeneration can change people, so who knows…?


To me, this option seems much more plausible, however possibly a little predictable.


Fans have, much like Susan, been wanting Jenny to return after her debut and only appearance in Series 4’s The Doctor’s Daughter for a number of years now. However, since then, the show itself seems to have ignored that by the end of that episode, it transpired that *SPOILERS* Jenny didn’t actually die, instead regeneration energy brought her back.*SPOILERS* This means that they could realistically explain a comeback in the future, and because we don’t know what happened to Jenny even moments after the rocket took off at the end of The Doctor’s Daughter, that perhaps she regenerated shortly afterwards and found a way to time travel to various historical locations, just like her father can.

As mentioned in the Susan sub-section. I feel that in that one scene alone, what Maisie was portraying, was more in key with Georgia Moffett’s performance as Jenny than it was for Carole-Ann Ford’s portrayal as Susan in the 60’s.

A young or unseen incarnation of River Song

River Song

Knowing Moffat, this is probably what it will be. River is Steven’s go-to strong female character when the going gets tough for the Doctor. And she is always there to help him out, as are most wives to their husbands. We know this series is mainly going to focus on the adrenaline and adventure sides of things, but we also know there is some great evil out there that is being set up in the finale. So maybe following the old status quo, Steven feels the need to reinvigorate the character into a new younger form along with the new Doctor. It would also keep Moffat clear of explaining how she was still alive after the events of The Name of the Doctor.

We know for certain that River can regenerate, because we saw it twice on screen in the same series. Once in Day of the Moon, where little girl River regenerates in New York, then during the events of Let’s Kill Hitler, we discovered that Amy and Rory’s childhood friend Mels, was in fact their future child Melody Pond. Who after being shot, regenerated into Alex Kingston’s version of River Song.

This theory could also be considered as one of the frontrunners in answering the question of who Maisie is playing, because of who is in the episode itself. As Norse legend goes, Odin is the god of Asgard. Odin will be appearing in one, if not both episodes that Williams is set to star in played by Merlin actor David Schofield. We know that in River’s diary conceals of tale of how the Doctor and River went to a picnic on Asgard, and we know how much Moffat loves to bring those diary adventures to the screen whenever River appears. So maybe this is the time we will see another of their mysterious, unexplained adventures together?

or is she … a young Missy?


To me this is a twist I wouldn’t see coming. What if Maisie Williams is to portray a younger version of Missy? We don’t yet know the origins of Michelle Gomez’s Master, how she escaped Gallifrey and regenerated from her previous form (John Simm) into her new devilishly feminine form.

Peter Capaldi himself said that we are not sure if she is wholly good or if she has an evil side. And from what we saw in the trailer, it seems that Missy may well be a focal point of the series to come. Also it would fit into the rumoured sightings of [spoiler title=’Series 9 SPOILERS!’ collapse_link=’true’]two Osgoods in the filming for Episodes 7 and 8 and the two versions of Capaldi seen filming for Episode 11. [/spoiler]

This is the least likely to be the case, but I certainly think it would put a spin on things, and would make it possible in the future for Maisie to return if ever they wanted her. Plus, I think she would be great as a young Missy.

Who do you think Maisie Williams is playing in episodes 5 and 6? Do you have any unique speculation as to who she could be? Share down below in the comments.

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111 Responses

  1. Thom Ryng says:

    The most likely option is simply that her character is introduced in the first episode, and that the conversation we see in the trailer is from the second episode, set centuries later.

    Having said that….


  2. Doctor Moo says:

    Someone totally new. Why must everyone be someone?!

    • Luke Foord says:

      This really annoys me. Everyone assumes its a character we already know! Why would it be? Guarantee it’s just a new character.

      • Edward Delingford says:

        Agree. The speculation is just playing to the BBC media people. I think the coda on the clip is simply to appeal to GoT fans by saying, ‘hey, we have one of the stars of GoT on Who this year!!!!” The comment from Peter’s doctor simply seems to confirm that the character will be in a couple of linked episodes and may relate to some kind of time rift shenanigans going on which may form the arc of the series. Top quality fan trolling which has done its work brilliantly. They are getting ever so good at this and we also have the ‘will she, won’t she leave’ tease for Jenna Coleman and the speculation about Skaro and young Davros to keep us busy in our other spare moments until early September.

      • ThePurpleFrockCoat says:

        Wishful thinking?

    • Wayne Robert Smith says:

      Ask Moffat.

      • Doctor Moo says:

        That may be difficult since I don’t know him and have never had the pleasure of meeting him. But could you elaborate on that comment please Wayne?

  3. Luke Foord says:

    No, no, no and no. Every bloody time a new guest star is announced they have to be playing some version of a character we already know. Why can’t they just be a new character?

    • Wayne Robert Smith says:

      Because Moffat.

      • Doctor Moo says:

        That’s not an answer.

      • ThePurpleFrockCoat says:

        Its called some fans and their fair degree of wanting certain characters to come back in one possible form or another: Ex: River Song.

        • The Earl Fleabag of Turdshire says:

          Yes, but if River Song comes back and it’s not Kingston, what’s the point? Similarly Susan without Ford and Jenny without Moffatt. So that leaves a teenage Missy, and frankly I fail to see the point in that when we’ve only just started to get to know the adult one.

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat says:

            I agree but I’ve seen comments on various DW pages from fans theorizing she is a younger River before Mels. Wishful thinking I guess…

          • Remmy says:

            No real point to another representation of River as we saw the regeneration into Alex Kingston’s version and surely any earlier version would still be trying to kill the Doctor and we’ve been over that already.

  4. Joe Siegler says:

    If you want to be overly anal, Carole Anne Ford’s last appearance was “Dimensions in Time”. #noncanon

  5. Jeremy says:

    I wonder if it could be the rani

    • Mark North says:

      I think it’s the Rani. When Maisie said, “Hello, old man…” to me this would be someone who is fairly close to the Doctor…We’ll see this fall…

      • Doctor Moo says:

        I think if the Rani was going to be brought back it would have happened last season. You shouldn’t need me to explain who! Of course that may be a deliberate move to throw us off the scent… we’ll all find out soon enough!

      • ThePurpleFrockCoat says:

        No. The Rani and The Doctor do not get along.

      • The Earl Fleabag of Turdshire says:

        Immediately after the introduction and continuation of a female Master? Doubt it. Not unless The Rani was entirely reinterpreted.

    • John McJohnson says:

      Every female guest star since 2005 has had people think that at some point. I think it’s safe to say she won’t be.

  6. Lawrence says:

    Seems weird that Romana was left out of the list. But I’d be willing to bet she’s not any of these.

    • Remmy says:

      Hope she is a possibility, never felt good the way Romana was left

    • Kevin McDougall says:

      It’d be interesting if it were revealed that, after the Big Finish “Gallifrey” series, Romana in fact did return to visit her Tharil pals in E-Space, only to be trapped there because of the Time War. E-Space could well be where Gallifrey ended up as well…and the Tharils (who did not have the highest appreciation of human-looking beings) might be making them feel–unwelcome. Could be why they were sending that message through the rift, and willing to expend all that regeneration energy to the Doctor.

  7. Erin Blackwell says:

    Thank you for this article! A few things don’t add up though. SUSAN: Classic Who never said you only regenerated if you passed the Academy. That was never established. In fact, the only thing the Academy got you, as Drax pointed out, was a higher level job. And in the new show, Time Lord is the name for everyone who was born on Gallifrey. The Academy has nothing to do with it. The Doctor himself rants and raves that Jenny isn’t a Time Lord. But she regenerates; she even does the 15 hours within a new body regeneration thing. And since you have no problem with Jenny time traveling without a Tardis, then Maisie can be Susan. But, I don’t think she is. IF they wanted to bring back Susan, they would have done it at the so-called 50th anniversary. It made sense: celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who with the characters who started it 50 years ago and the ones currently onscreen. Susan is the perfect person to be the Moment interface: the Doctor’s granddaughter, the woman who went off to see the universe with her and the Tardis. No one has that importance in the show to every single Doctor. But instead, a character that means nothing to the War Doctor tosses out Susan. So with deliberately turning their back on the character then when it was the right thing to do, they have no evidence about carrying if she comes back at all. And they’ve never shown an interest in bringing back Jenny. That was a one shot character. So I say no to them. RIVER: She is so NOT Moffat’s go to character. She never really was — he only brought her in for those 10 episodes that she tied into directly — and then, as he announced pre-series 7, he was getting rid of her. Plus: Mels is Melody II; that’s established in Let’s Kill Hitler. Maisie isn’t black, so she’s not Melody II, we know she’s not Melody I or III, and there aren’t any other Melodys. Not to mention, young Melody Pond/River Song is brain washed to kill the Doctor on sight. (It’s why Mels isn’t around when the Doctor comes to Leadworth; they can’t have her kill him before she’s born from his, Amy, and Rory’s POV.) So a young River wouldn’t calmly be talking to the old man. She’d have a gun in his face. It’s interesting that an earlier, younger River incarnation needs to explaining how she’s alive after Name of the Doctor, but an earlier, young current River incarnation — someone who hasn’t gone to the Library but maybe is in university earning her doctorate — does need explaining. No, Clara is Mofatt’s go-to character. For years, it all ties into her. Moffat even took parts of River’s character and storyline away to bump up Clara’s; nothing is better proof of how much River is off his radar. Davies is the one who wants River back; not Moffat. All mysteries end at Clara’s door. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Maisie is tied to Clara somehow, like a relative from one of the Clara splinters when she jumped into the Doctor’s time stream, and Maisie crossed over universes when the Name of the Doctor timeline got wiped out by the Christmas special. BUT! My guess! Notice they never say it’s a character you already know. Just that she has a connection. So look for her to be like Tasha Lem, a new character that references events that happened off screen with the Doctor, but the audience knows the references.

    • ThePurpleFrockCoat says:

      I agree with some of the things you say except Moffat “tossing,” Susan aside instead of using her as the interface of The Moment. I don’t think Moffat ever considered Susan for that and to be fair her photo was seen in the white board along with some of the past companions in The Black Archive she wasn’t tossed out at all. Rose/Bad Wolf was much more effective as The Moment’s interface since she is part of The Doctor’s future and The Moment was showing The War Doctor his future which included Rose Tyler.

      • Erin Blackwell says:

        The fact that Moffat never considered Susan, Barbara, or Ian for the 50TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW when they were the ones who started the show 50 YEARS AGO, but instead only included major and minor characters for the then last 9 years of the show is indeed tossing out those critical characters.

        No, it does not make sense to show the Doctor his future since the show has always said “Don’t tell anyone their future”. Breaking that all important rule makes no sense, especially as they keep using it after the so called 50th. So it’s stupid to disregard a rule both Davies and Moffat say cannot be broken ever.

        And if you say it can be broken and you want to show the Doctor a critical part of his future, you use the Idris character to be the Moment because she is THE TARDIS, the one companion and partner that has always and will always be with him. Showing the War Doctor that he will be able to talk and run hand in hand with his all important, ultimate companion who has been with him before the 50th, when the Doctor himself — as well as the Tardis — said it meant EVERYTHING to him to at last be together in that way, would also mean everything to the War Doctor. The partner who has loved, protected, and influenced his life for a thousand years is far more important than someone who is part of his life for a couple years.

        Or they could have used a lover that also rose him from the dark as well as stand by his side in the darkness so he wouldn’t be alone there. Plus the lover who was with him for centuries, not 3 years, and who hurt him more to lose than Rose. That’s River. Or Amy whom he also met for centuries and who was the first positive note after Ten’s all consuming angst that showed Rose didn’t change that for him. In fact, she made it worse. But Amy did.

        The fact of the matter is: Moffat never intended showing Rose as an important person in the Doctor’s life. He intended to just show her as Nine’s companion, nothing more. Just as Liz was the companion pairing for Ten and Clara was Eleven’s. He only hurriedly changed her to the Moment because Christopher Eccleston wouldn’t come back for the episode. So instead of firing Billie Piper, he came up with the interface idea. But it was never more than a rewrite.

        Not that Rose isn’t important; all companions are including lovers and love interests (as well as the critically important Doctor’s family). And you know they’ll bring Rose back again; they always do. So look for her in the 60th; since she’ll be older and may not fit the Doctor’s companion anymore, they’ll show her and Ten Too because they will age and fit the actor’s aging.

        • ThePurpleFrockCoat says:

          First off no one knows what was in the original draft or plans of Day of The Doctor only the actors involved and none of them gave any details. Moff couldn’t consider Barbara because Jacqueline Hill died in 1993. Should Susan have made a cameo it would be as his granddaughter not an interface of a super weapon. That would be more meaningful If you think Moff tossed Susan and Ian, 25th year only had 7th and Ace no one else. That was even lamer. The 50th is done and dusted. It’s been two years. What’s done is done. Maybe it’s time to move on. Just my opinion. Peace.

    • The Earl Fleabag of Turdshire says:

      I agree with Susan as The Moment. I said it at the time. However, Capaldi has said several times recently that he wants to see Susan back…and I can’t imagine he’d want to return to that character without Carole Ann being involved.

      Btw mate, paragraphs are cool, yeah?

      • Erin Blackwell says:

        I typed in paragraphs. I don’t know why they got wiped out.

        As for Capaldi wanting Susan back, actors wanted Jenny and River back. Notice they didn’t return. Capaldi does not write the show or decide its course. If it was up to Capaldi, Sean Pertwee would be on the show playing his father. So….

        • bar says:

          Your paragraphs got wiped out ‘cos their spaces end up in mine at random.

          I have no probs with 3rd Doctor and Carole Ann Ford appearing as long as 8th (Dark Eyes version) does too, with big deep stuff about losing Alex, Lucie and Susan’s company all in one go…

    • FrancoPabloDiablo says:

      Why do you always post a link to a facebook page without giving any reason to do so? And why like your own comment?

      • Doctor Moo says:

        Thank you! For a while now I thought I was the only one who thought that!

        • FrancoPabloDiablo says:

          Phew, glad to know I’m not the only one who has found this rather irritating lately. Have never clicked on the link and have no intention of doing so!

  8. TheLazyWomble says:

    “To me this is a twist I wouldn’t see coming”- but you just did!
    Here’s a novel idea: she is playing a completely new character. Well, not that novel, as everyone else is also suggesting it.

  9. Castellan Spandrel says:

    Arya Stark.

  10. bar says:

    Funny how little effect the Master/Missy/Mattress debate has influenced people’s choices here – no-one has yet suggested she was once someone else MALE.

    for the record:
    I’d prefer her to be someone new but
    I suspect she’s someone we already know
    I like Erin’s suggestion that she’s Clara-linked – ties in with Steven Moffat’s ‘give him the right sort of hell’ DB comment above.

    • Grumpy The Unicorn says:

      ooo, yeah! she oculd be The Corsair, the Meddling Monk… oodles of people! 😉 LOLomegaLOL

      • bar says:

        She’s not Omega – we can see her head!

        • Grumpy The Unicorn says:

          bahahahah! oh man that was awesomesick. Good one, Bar!

        • TheLazyWomble says:

          But can we see the rest of her? Perhaps she is the Head of Omega. Like “Remembrance” had the Hand. Maybe the linking theme is collecting body parts and bringing back Gallifrey piecemeal.

          • Doctor Moo says:

            What’s next?
            The Arm of River Song? The Torso of Rassilon? The “Unmentionable” of Borusa?

      • Doctor Moo says:

        The Meddling Nun?

        “I couldn’t very well keep calling myself The Monk now could I?”

        • Grumpy The Unicorn says:

          heheh, hey Moo! LOL But, there ARE female monks! Look at Buddhism, for instance! The Bhikkhuni are called nuns OR monks! 😉 Also Jainism…

        • Kevin McDougall says:

          Actually, the novelization of “Shada” revealed there already was an Interfering Nun…

  11. Castellan Spandrel says:

    It’s the Time Lord played by John Franklyn-Robbins in Genesis of the Daleks, the one who gave the Doctor his mission.

    He’s been waiting in the wasteland on Skaro for the Doctor to get back to him ever since and has regenerated into a teenage girl.

    Compare the back of Arya’s hoody-thing in the photo up top with his:

    • Doctor Moo says:

      Seems a bit too niche, even by Doctor Who standards, don’t you think?

      • Castellan Spandrel says:

        Come on, man – I’m really trying hard here *blubs*

        • Castellan Spandrel says:

          I’ll tell you who it isn’t.

          It *isn’t* the Time Lord played by John Franklyn-Robbins in Genesis of the Daleks, the one who gave the Doctor his mission.

          Whatever you do, don’t compare the back of Arya’s hoody-thing in the photo up top with his:

          • TheLazyWomble says:

            My theory is that they will retconn the start of Genesis and that the Time Lord in a Hoodie played by John Franklyn-Robbins will become the Time Lord in a Hoodie played by Peter Capaldi.

          • Castellan Spandrel says:

            Twisty. I like it.

          • Castellan Spandrel says:

            If the Curator of the Under-gallery can be a future Doctor, meeting one of his former selves, then so can John Franklyn-Robbins (JFR, as I shall henceforth refer to him; I’m getting typist’s cramp here).

  12. BrittlePacker says:

    For what it’s worth – I don’t think she is another “version” of any of them. I reckon she’s an entirely new character. There have been an awful lot of them over the years, after all.

    My speculation is that Maisie’s character(s) are all tied in with the “why this face?” kerfuffle Moffat’s been teasing since Capaldi was cast. Maybe that mistake the Doctor makes at the start of the series is indirectly responsible for Twelve having a Pompeian doppelganger? Splinters in time, the same identity being fractured…. how it would play out, I’m not clever enough to guess but it seems at least as likely (and much more interesting) than any revival of an old favourite in a new form would be.

    • Castellan Spandrel says:

      ‘Pompeian Doppelganger’ is my new jam ♫

    • Cryer says:

      Unlikely, I feel that “why this face?” stuff was just a tongue and cheek reference to his being in the show before. I doubt they will ever revisit it. I mean, why did the 6th Doctor have the face of the head of security on Gallifrey? Why did Steven have the face of an American visiting the Empire State Building… etc.

      • BrittlePacker says:

        Perhaps, and it’s a topic I, being old-fashioned about these things, would be happy to see left alone. However, Moffat did respond, if I remember correctly, to a question in his DWM column about that remark a while back by saying something like “that scene is being filmed anytime now”.

        Don’t get me wrong: I would be perfectly content with the traditional explanation that Twelve looks like Caecilius because, well obviously, they’re played by the same actor. I’m not totally convinced that’s a goer nowadays though!

      • SeveredElephant says:

        Moffat already said it is a thing that’ll come up.

  13. Psycho Dave says:

    It is so Obvious who this character is ……. She is The Doctor!

    • Doctor Moo says:

      I doubt that somehow.

      • Castellan Spandrel says:

        Yes, it’s highly unlikely, but what if the ‘Who’ in the titles is a play on words?

        The Girl Who (i.e. the girl version of the Doctor) Died.

        The Woman Who (woman version of the Doctor) Lived.

        Actually … nah, scrap that. It’s John Franklyn-Robbins.

  14. Planet of the Deaf says:

    The other suggestions I’ve seen are

    1) A Clara fragment (though I doubt they’d get someone in that up and coming just to play another version of Clara)
    2) A future daughter of Clara (akin to Orson being descended from Danny and possibly Danny and Clara)
    3) A future daughter of Clara AND the Doctor 🙂

    • ThePurpleFrockCoat says:

      Moffat was asked about Orson in his DWM column. He suggested Orson may be a lateral descendant of Danny via a relative whom Clara may have met after his death.

      • Planet of the Deaf says:

        Yes, the origins of Orson have been left slightly vague. That he never recognised Clara at all suggested that he wasn’t related to her.
        He said he had been inspired by a time travelling relative (great grandparent?) so surely if this had been Clara he would have known all about her.

        • ThePurpleFrockCoat says:

          The Doctor did ask Orson if he had any family photos of Clara old and really fat. 12th is such a rascal. lol

        • Cryer says:

          The short answer is that Moffat makes it up as he goes along and didn’t think ahead when writing that story. Another big plot hole from him.

          • Planet of the Deaf says:

            Just because something isn’t directly answered, it doesn’t make it a plothole. Not everything has to be 100% explained on screen

          • Cryer says:

            No, but when something doesn’t make any logical sense and directly contradicts what was strongly implied earlier then it kinda is a plot hole. If it isn’t explained in the next series then it’s a blatant plot hole.

          • Doctor Moo says:

            That’s not even slightly true. Check your facts, then come back to us.

          • Cryer says:

            Just checked them.
            Refer to my previous comment 🙂

          • Doctor Moo says:

            I think it’s too early to call Orson a plot hole as long as Jenna is still involved with the show.

          • Cryer says:

            Fair enough, it could still be resolved in future episodes. But if it isn’t then I stand by my original comment.

  15. The Earl Fleabag of Turdshire says:

    I don’t want it to be any of those, especially Susan. Recasting Susan while Carole Ann is still around would be a travesty. But then Moff did give us the disgrace that was CyberBrig so I wouldn’t put it past him.

    • kwijino says:

      Well, in the story about Frazer Hines coming to the TARDIS set, it was revealed Carole Anne Ford had visited a short while earlier. Sounded like just a visit, though.

      I got to talk with her for a short bit at the Gally One convention this year, and heard her story at a panel. She’s stayed trim over the years, and is a lovely person. After Who, she did her own trapeze stunts at a play about a circus, and damaged her back because no one was there to grab her at the end of a stunt. She walks fine, but it basically meant the end of her acting career because it took her years to recover.

  16. Erin Blackwell says:

    Another reason why Susan can’t come back: she’s locked on Gallifrey with everyone else. You can’t keep saying people get out of that; it undermines the Doctor “killing” everyone twice. (Even though the Daleks are allowed to come out of it.) So either Susan is dead, killed in the Time War or before — because Davies’ canon is that all Time Lords returned home for the war, and Moffat hasn’t changed that — or the Doctor locked/killed her in the Moment along with any other surviving family of his.

    • TheLazyWomble says:

      No. I think she is trapped on Earth sometime after the Dalek invasion was defeated. 2164 or later.

    • ThePurpleFrockCoat says:

      Susan went home to her family 22nd Century Earth after The Five Doctors. I don’t know if The Rani would want to return to fight in the Time War since she was kicked out of Gallifrey in the first place. She only cares for her experiments. Can’t see K’anpo Rimpoche pick up a gun. He retired to Earth as a Buddhist monk.

    • K Doctor Who News says:

      There is no evidence that Susan is a Time Lord/Lady, only that she is Gallifreyan.

  17. Grumpy The Unicorn says:

    a lot of us like older characters returning because the potential for meaningful dialogue, comic relief and questions being answered in satisfying ways increases exponentially. That said, I am leaning toward the MAISIE IS JENNY camp to-day, at this particular moment. 😉 nice piece Connor!

    • bar says:

      I waver about returning characters – from wanting loads of new ones, to cheering when old ones turn up, from being glum that Maisie has to be someone else, to wanting a cameo by Rusty in the Skaro one…
      This is why Steven Moffat shouldn’t listen to us!

  18. VBartilucci says:

    I’m going to keep making the same observation I’ve been making.
    Look at the pictures and video of the read-through that Maisie participated in.
    Jenna Coleman is not there.

  19. Remmy says:

    The Rani?

  20. Kenna Thom says:

    I think it’s this part. “It was also established by Williams herself, as well as Capaldi that her character would indeed have a connection to the Doctor, and also us as an audience.” This suggests it is someone we already know. Could also be Romana.

    • ThePurpleFrockCoat says:

      A connection does not necessarily mean it has to be someone that’s an old friend or a past character the audience knows. Maybe someone the audience can relate to? She could be playing a new character who has known The Doctor before like Tasha Lem, K’anpo Rimpoche and Azmael.

  21. krumstets says:

    The Rani?

    • ThePurpleFrockCoat says:

      They both can’t stand each other plus why would The Rani want to lock horns with The Doctor? She’ll avoid him unless she has good reason to like in Time and The Rani.

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