Has The Doctor Already Met His Next Companion?

Welcome, once again dear reader, to the Kasterborous Speculation Game, where we take a spin on the wheel of What Will Happen Next!

For those of you that are first timers to the game, let me tell you more about it. Once every year or so, since the great rebirth of Who in 2005, we are gifted with a new series of episodes. After that time, we (ie the fandom) LOVE to gather ’round our tea kettles and speculate on What Will Happen Next! while we wait for the powers that be  (ie the Beeb, Steven Moffat) to bless us with new episodes. Now, while I’ve not been around in the fandom as long as others, I’m pretty safe betting that this same game has been played, well, since the beginning of the fandom. And we are hardly the first to do this, but I daresay we seem to have made it almost an art form.

From endless rounds of Who Will Be The Next Doctor? to What Did That Mean? to Is It All Connected? to the perennial (sometimes weekly) favourite Is “X” Really Dead? we love to postulate on the what, where, when, and why of it all. So, shall we play our game?! Today’s question – Have we seen the next companion?

Be honest – raise your hand if you thought we’d see more of Danny Pink traveling with the Doc and Clara than what ended up happening. We had a pair for so long with the Eleventh Doctor that when the character of Danny Pink was announced, many of us just automatically assumed that he’d be some form of another Rory, the significant other to the Doctor’s companion who eventually becomes a full fledged companion himself. But what we got was quite the opposite, someone in Clara’s life that knew about the Doctor and didn’t want anything to do with him and who thought  that Clara should leave him as soon as possible. So now that we know she’s decided to stick around, what would happen if someone joined her? And what about when the day comes when Clara really does leave? We all know the Doctor shouldn’t travel alone.

So let’s play!

Courtney Woods


Out of all the people the Doctor has met this season, I think Courtney would be the best thing to happen to him in a long time. This is supposed to be a “children’s programme” after all, isn’t it? So what about adding someone who is still a child to the TARDIS? Granted, she would need supervision, but that’s where Clara comes in – she is Courtney’s teacher and can make sure she is safe. But it would be a good opportunity to have someone in the TARDIS that is just as much of a troublemaker as the Doctor is and maybe bring out a nice old grandpa type quality in the Doctor, maybe soften him a bit, give him the chance to act like a teacher. Plus the innocence of a child, the joy at seeing new worlds, might make the stress of trying to find Gallifrey more bearable. Since we all figure we know what Courtney will eventually become, thanks to Clara’s sticky notes, wouldn’t it be interesting to see some of that story, how it all starts out? Imagine if she was the one along for the ride when the TARDIS did once again really land on Gallifrey. All of the things that a human could learn…

Bonus: Courtney has already been on two trips in the TARDIS and knows what it’s like to have an adventure with the Doctor. So if she went, she’d already know what she was getting herself into.



OF COURSE we would all love to see Osgood have an adventure or two with the Doctor. I mean really, we all know that her role was partly a stand-in for the fandom as a whole, the lucky one of any of us that would most certainly run off with the Doctor if he ever came along. Wearing Four’s scarf, Ten’s sandshoes, Eleven’s bowtie, she looks like she stepped out of a Doctor Who convention. But there is that small matter of her seemingly being dead. But then again, some people tend not to stay dead on Doctor Who… (See – it’s a round of Is “X” Dead?!)

Plus, she’s the only one on this list that has never actually stepped foot into the TARDIS. All the rest have in some form!



Oh boy. This would be interesting to say the least. The Doctor and the Mas…err the Mistress in the same TARDIS together. Would they even be able to get anywhere? All I can see is constant scheming and evil planning on Missy’s part, trying to stop the Doctor from doing anything. After a while she’d drive him even more mad than he already is. And let’s not forget all the things Missy’s previous incarnations have done to the TARDIS. The Blue Box wouldn’t be too happy carrying around the Master as a passenger no matter what form he was in. Plus, she too is seemingly dead. Seemingly. Which means we’ll be seeing more of her soon enough.

But the Mistress and the Doctor, together searching for Gallifrey would be interesting, given their past history and previous friendship. Clara might almost feel like a third wheel…

Psi and Saibra



This would end up making it a quartet on the TARDIS. I honestly can’t imagine having one without the other, though that is possible. But in my thinking, Psi and Saibra are linked, having been the Doctor’s “partners in crime” in Time Heist. But are either worthy of becoming the Doctor’s traveling companions? I’m on the fence about this pair.

I mean, sure, who wouldn’t want a tech whiz aboard a living machine that always needs repairs? It might be nice to have someone a tech savvy aboard but we all know the Doctor might (re: would) get jealous having someone else work on his only ever constant companion. Plus there is Psi’s background to consider – he was a robber and a hacker. While the Doctor doesn’t generally care that much about someone’s life before he came along, he might think twice before having such a person on board the TARDIS, given the wealth of information she has stored in her data core. All that future info might be a bit too tempting for a hacker. Psi did show incredible loyalty though, in being willing to erase even the memories of those he loved in order to protect them. Loyalty is something the Doctor seems to respect a great deal.

Having someone with the potential to be a shape changer as a companion might just come in handy for all those new worlds. It would only take an instant for Saibra to look like she was a native. The Doctor himself is a bit of a shape changer, so having her aboard would be someone he might share a different understanding with than his other companions. But again, what about her background? We know that she couldn’t really control the power very well while she was with the Doctor, and she assumedly took whatever that was to help suppress it so she might not have the ability any more.  Her ability is really all we know about her.

Shona McCullough


I’m sorry but to me, while Faye Marsay was quite lovely in Last Christmas, there really isn’t a lot that makes me want to see more of her Shona McCullough aboard the TARDIS. While she did boogie her way into many people’s hearts, I’m not sure she has much potential beyond that, and if anything, the Doctor usually tends to take along those that are in some way exceptional. There are a good number of fans out there that would argue in her defense, however, stating that she was brave trying to dance her way through that room, that she was sassy and had a great attitude – she’s the one that told the Doctor he looked like a magician – and that she dreams of a better life and of being a scientist – all things that would make a great companion.

It would also be interesting having two women in the TARDIS with the Doctor, with neither one of them even remotely thinking of him as a love interest. That’s certainly a dynamic we haven’t seen before in nuWho. Having both Shona and Clara in the TARDIS could lead to having Clara being a mentor to her or just a friend that helps her understand how the Doctor is, and have it be something of a transitional period before Clara decides to truly leave. Also, given her comment on what he’s dressed like, if Shona were to join the TARDIS crew, she might just jokingly call herself “the magician’s assistant.”

So that’s my bit of speculation for this round of the game. What about you, dear reader? What do you think of my assessment of these possible new companions? What previously seen character would you like to see on board the TARDIS?

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No Responses

  1. Harry Saxon says:

    Courtney? Courtney??? Nurse! Nurse! She’s out of bed again and playing with the computer…

    • FrancoPabloDiablo says:

      Haha, brilliant response and just what I was thinking. Thought Journey Blue deserved a mention more than any of the above to be honest.

      • Semi-Evil Semi-Genius says:

        Agreed. Courtney wasn’t the most annoying child to be depicted on television, but still pretty damn annoying.
        Journey would be neat. I want to see a new direction with companions. She may be human, but she is from our far future. She is also a solider, and the Doctor needs some muscle whether he thinks he does or not. I am doing my first run of the classic show, and what I noticed is that the Doctor usually has an ally on the TARDIS that is kind of tough, but never someone who can solve all the problems.
        Journey is also familiar with the Daleks and possibly other aliens. This is actually quite a good thing. If the story involves foes (like Daleks, Cybermen, etc.) that are quite familiar to the audience, but haven’t met a particular companion, the story can be bogged down a bit with the Doctor explaining them. But a companion like Journey avoids this issue.
        And that’s not to say I’m adamant about Journey Blue being a companion, just that she has potential that is quite different from what I’m seeing. Some proper aliens (what about an alien from an era that seems behind us technologically too – why is it that all stories with aliens and other planets have technologically advanced settings?), some humans not from our time, a male companion, an older companion, a robot – something new, not a 20 yo hot girl from 2015 England.

  2. TimeChaser says:

    The moon being a giant egg is just one thing that made Kill the Moon the worst episode of the season. Courtney was the other. In a single word: NO!

    Frankly I don’t think any of these people would make good companions, except perhaps Osgood, if we could find a way to reconstitute her. If they really do introduce a second companion in the next season, why can’t we just have a new original character?

    • bar says:

      only possibility of ‘original’ is if someone other than Moff writes the new companion –

      the most original monsters and guest characters have not been his for a long time. Much as I like Shona she’s just another 21st century earth girl.

  3. Dalek_Dave says:

    Osgood isn’t dead.
    Whatever gave you that idea?

    Zygon Osgood was zapped by the Masteress, but the real Osgood is alive an well and living in Auchtermuchty with an astrophysicist called Roger and a Miniature Schnauzer called Otto.

    Anyway, this is Doctor Who, nobody dies forever.

  4. bar says:

    been listening to ‘Solitaire’ so playing the game sounds too celestial toymakerish to me!

    1. Courtney, innocent? – did you SEE season 8?
    2. Osgood IS dead. Zygon Osgood isn’t, and would be brilliant, and has Saibra’s enhanced gene but naturally, so to speak.
    3. Masteress (thanks Dalek-Dave) dear God no. add-on to most of S8 I could stand; permanent fixture on the TARDIS would drive me (more) insane.
    4. Perkins. Donna turned down the offer once, and was given a second chance, and turned out to be a great friend and worthy companion.

    all the reasons I liked Shona:
    I didn’t expect to and was pleasantly surprised
    The dynamic with 12 reminded me of 3rd Doctor and Jo Grant
    She asked good questions and doubted Santa to his face – yet ‘got’ the metaphorical point of his being there at all
    She was a good contrast to Clara, straightforward, unselfconscious, and not trying to be in the driving seat
    She’s from a little place you’ve probably never heard of (but my Grandad was from there)!
    We can all dance like Shona in our dreams…

  5. James O'Neill says:

    Engineer Perkins. He might even fix the Chameleon Circuit!

  6. BrittlePacker says:

    Shona or Courtney? No thanks! I have them down as the clinging whiner and the stroppy teen, both my idea of hell. I would cast a vote for Journey Blue – brave, competent and decent – or Perkins. Osgood would be a given, but the shock effect of her death shouldn’t get diluted with yet another convenient resurrection.

    Best of all, how about a character we haven’t met yet? A man from an earlier period of time to go with the inevitable pretty young contemporary woman. I still say Twelve would work well with another man. Unlike certain of his predecessors, he’s not the kind who needs a girl on his arm (in fact he probably wouldn’t notice any particular difference, which is just the way I like the Doctor to be!)

    • Semi-Evil Semi-Genius says:

      I think so too. I remember watching the Massacre of Saint Bartholomew’s Eve serial recently, with just the First Doctor and Steven Taylor. And they worked just fine together. Also, give Capaldi some pure historicals (how about the War of 1812?), and I’d be quite pleased.

      • FrancoPabloDiablo says:

        If you have watched the Massacre recently then I urge you to get in touch with the BBC as it is currently completely missing from the archives – and has been for many decades! Am sure they (and the rest of us) would love to be able to watch it too! 🙂

        • bar says:

          it’s the top of my missing eps list! did we wish really, really hard?

        • Dr Moo says:

          Apparently it has William Hartnell as two characters, not unlike Patrick Troughton in “The Enemy Of The World” which I saw recently and loved. That alone makes it sound wonderful.

          • Semi-Evil Semi-Genius says:

            Yeah, I was a bit confused. I thought William Hartnell was playing both characters (because he was credited as such), but I wasn’t sure if the Doctor was merely pretending to be him. Sometimes, watching those long 1960s serials into late night really doesn’t pay off – you start to get sleepy, and then you miss something crucial. I did enjoy the story though. It was a historical event I was completely unfamiliar with (well, I was aware of Protestant-Catholic strife generally), and that’s what we’re missing in New Who. Some genuine history lessons! I love learning new things through this wonderful show.

          • Dr Moo says:

            Seriously though, where and when did you see it or are you just remembering it from the original airing? The BBC don’t have it in the archives so if you’re not trying to show off by pretending to have seen it then GIVE IT TO THE BBC NOW!!! Drop EVERYTHING and give it to them!

          • bar says:

            Right with you on some decent historicals for NuWho, history isn’t bunk, and the greater varieties of genres to learn from, the better.

        • Semi-Evil Semi-Genius says:

          Well, it’s a reconstruction on dailymotion.com . So, it’s a series of stills and audio. The actual film would be great, but one gets used to repeating photographs, but the performances still carry with the audio.

  7. Colin D Smith says:

    When was the last time the Doctor had *only* two female companions? “Time Flight” (Tegan and Nyssa)? That’s the only time I can recall. The preference does seem to be for a) a male; b) a female; c) a male and a female; or d) two females and a male. So if someone’s going to join Clara in the TARDIS, the chances are it’ll be a man. Not to say Moff can’t do something different. He probably will. Or he’ll make us think he will… and then won’t. Or lie about everything and not do anything. 🙂

    Of course, the big assumption here is that Clara’s around for a full series. The ending of “Last Christmas” may have been just to make us think she’s back. She might be leaving at the end of “Magician’s Apprentice” for all we know!

    • FrancoPabloDiablo says:

      Last time was The Doctor’s Daughter – Donna and Martha!

      • Colin D Smith says:

        Hmmm…mmm…. truuuuue… but would that really count? Martha had left the TARDIS crew and never intended to travel with the Doctor again. That trip was an “accident.” Good point, Franco, but debatable.

      • Dr Moo says:

        More recent than that was Amy and River: Time of angels/Flesh and stone.

  8. Dr Moo says:

    This is a long (emphasis on that last word: LONG) list of what I think of the article’s suggestions and a few thoughts of my own…

    ~Courtney was one of many things that ruined Kill The Moon for me. I hate to be the sort who just repeats the “child actors are terrible” cliche but it was true there. It was Nightmare In Silver all over again.
    ~Osgood is dead. Deal with it. Resurrecting her would get rid of the impact of that scene. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart is still alive though. Bringing her onto the TARDIS would be very interesting I think.
    ~Missy?!!!? Is that a serious suggestion??? The Doctor recruiting The Master/Mistress as a companion is just plain ridiculous. (S)he’s probably got his/her own TARDIS floating around somewhere anyway making the companionship unnecessary even if they did share an adventure at some point. Plus the small issue of her being shot dead by The Brig.
    ~Psi and Saibra… interesting. But I didn’t really think there was all that much to either one of them to justify having them for more than their one episode. Plus let’s not forget the last permanent TARDIS quartet included Adric…
    ~Shona I can see as a companion. It doesn’t seem like we’ve seen much of her true character yet aside from the sleigh ride scene. Also if she came back we might learn why she has to Forgive Dave. It seems like something Moffat wouldn’t include unless there was a reason for it. This is Moffat we’re talking about here though so that could just be a red herring.
    ~From S8 but not mentioned in the article: Perkins would be very welcome as would Journey Blue. Though Danny’s probably out, why not Orson? An explanation for how he can exist wouldn’t go amiss. The Paternoster Trio risk being overused if they reappear but I wouldn’t be surprised if they came aboard the TARDIS at least once.
    ~From the Dr Who back-catalogue of “could’ve been companions” the likes of Craig Owens, the Arwells, Christina De Souza, Jackson Lake and Sally Sparrow would not be unwelcome. Could Rose have not just resurrected Jack but also some others on the satellite e.g. Lynda-with-a-“y”? Actually now I think about it Jack Harkness would be due a return. His reaction to Twelve’s similarity to Peter Capaldi’s Torchwood guest role would be interesting.
    ~Former ClassicWho companions that would like to make a reappearance (see Sarah Jane Smith in “School Reunion”) would be accepted. It would be good to see them again and catch up with The 12th Doctor and it would be intriguing to see how they get on with Clara. Ace springs to mind: It would be good to learn why and when she left Seven’s company and I reckon she and Twelve would get on very well. And whatever happened to K9 when Sarah Jane Smith died?

    The most obvious choice is Shona due to her being the most recent addition but if not her then someone totally new please. Something NuWho has not done for more than one episode is a companion who is not a twenty-something-year-old human from early 21st century Earth (Jack wasn’t at first but he soon settled in that timezone so his exception to that rule is rendered moot). It would be good to have something different to that, especially since we have Clara in that role.
    That’s what I think anyway. There may be ideas I’ve not thought of.

  9. Skye says:

    I think it about time and they’ve kept it in their back pockets long enough that Jenny(his daughter) might just be showing up at that very moment the doctor wants to roll over and give up. He’s fragile, questioning his own place in the universe and he needs a shining light to help him see. He’s not alone, he’ll never be alone again.

    • Pantz says:

      Awesome idea! It would be nice to see father and daughter (well, sort of daughter) travelling through time and space, having adventures together.

  10. Ranger says:

    Courtney? Most decidedly no. Girl can’t act and we don’t want a whiny brattish bitch in the Tardis – had enough of that with Adric. Zygon Osgood gets my vote, as does Perkins. But really prefer a non-earth companion.

    • Pantz says:

      Absolutely right! I remember James McClean explained why Courtney didn’t work in the podkast for Kill The Moon. Why would they bring a child into danger like that? Arggghh, that episode still makes my blood boil!! Also, Doctor Who is not strictly a children’s programme, Rebecca.

  11. Planet of the Deaf says:

    Courtney – Having a child Companion would cause too much hassle these days (imagine what social services would say!)
    Osgood – a pile of dirt and a pair of broken glasses would be a dull Companion!
    Psi and Saibra – they were interesting because of their personal ‘demons’ but were cured at the end of the episode, so probably wouldn’t be that interesting as Companions, though I’d like to see them again
    Shona – Definitely a possibility, she was clearly more fleshed out than any of the other guests in Last Christmas, and has a very different personality to Clara so you could imagine her in addition to Clara.
    Perkins – I love Frank Skinner, but he isn’t an actor, and I’m not sure he could pull off the more emotional scenes if he was on the TARDIS permanently. Frank is a stand up comedian, where Catherine Tate (for example) was a sketch comedian/comic actress, and so used to acting already

    • Janice Thorn says:

      shona! exactly! she RAN INTERFERENCE in a dream! how epic is that that she had the presence of mind? nobody else had that. Although I think it sucked when she started in complaining. But, still, she is not Clara. which makes me happy. I was liking Clara until she turned into Anna from Supernatural.

  12. katherine elizabeth king says:

    Shona + Xygon Osgood + Rusty. And special pop-ins by Sabra and Sai, because they were Win. Rusty is the new K9.

    • Semi-Evil Semi-Genius says:

      The moment the show has a Dalek companion, the show has jumped the shark (if that’s even possible for Doctor Who). Forget the whole female Doctor controversy, or the Eighth Doctor claiming to be half-human, I’d flip my $&!t if a Dalek, any Dalek, became a regular companion to the Doctor.

      • Ranger says:

        Oh, I don’t know it could be an interesting dynamic with the Doctor feeling torn about his capacity to feel hatred, etc, etc. Though after last season, I was hoping for a less traumatic and hysterical season 9 with concentration on action and not on various people’s emotional crises. I’m English – it’s getting a bit uncomfortable and embarrassing with all this raw emotion. They need to sit down, have a nice cup of tea and a Fox’s ginger crinkle biscuit and calm the heck down.

      • Janice Thorn says:

        Shark Jumping is what the Doctor Does Best. Because, Mack the Knife. badaTSSS. we al know he’s Mack. and not ‘THAT’ version, either. The Bobby Darrin Version. because Bobby Darrin’s Version is WIN.

      • Dr Moo says:

        What about the Cyberman companion Handles from “Time Of The Doctor”? Nobody had a problem with that.

        • Semi-Evil Semi-Genius says:

          My counter to Handles is that Cybermen were originally human (or Mondasian), and that certain individuals could be perfectly fine individuals until they were converted. And Handles was not following his cyber-programming as much.
          Also, a Dalek companion puts the writers in a hardplace. If anyone thinks the sonic screwdriver, has become a deus ex machine, imagine the issues with a Dalek. Encased in near invulnerable Dalekanium, vast databanks and a positronic brain that can compute stuff as fast as the Doctor, and the ability to exterminate just about any foe. It would really negate much of the challenge the Doctor faces.
          But it is funny to imagine a hypothetical Dalek companion’s dialogue in their adventures:
          DOCTOR: “Welcome to Mars in the year 1,000,000. The people here have developed the most interesting cuisine in all of time and space!”
          DALEK: “I hate it!”
          DOCTOR: “How about we visit early Paris, France on Earth, and be the first people to stand on top of the Eiffel Tower?”
          DALEK: “I hate that idea!”
          DOCTOR: “How about going to the edge of the universe, and seeing the rarest constellation ever, from a beautiful hotel space station …”
          DALEK: “Sounds terrible. Exterminate that constellation!”
          It’d be worse than those kids from Nightmare in Silver.

          • Dr Moo says:

            I share your sentiments on that; by mentioning Handles I merely observed that one of the Doctor’s theoretical enemies could work as a one-off companion if the writer is capable, as Moffat clearly is.

    • bar says:

      Shona, with occasional guest appearences from allies Zygood, Perkins or Rusty-the-Dalek (please not as another K9 – on my least fav list) – none of whom are 21st C earth girls.

      I know we’re playing Rebecca’s guessing game, but it’s more like fantasy stunt-casting characters rather than actors! As the show is being made by and starring loads of people who are fans and play such games for real, maybe some of these fan hopes might actually happen.
      As long as they’re a small part in a mix of brand new ideas, people, situations, mind-expanding questions of science and philosophy… ok, getting over-optimistic, but a girl can dream.

  13. Namnoot says:

    Although I often say that the show works best when it’s the Doctor and a single, female companion, given the profound impact that Clara has had on the character and the series as a whole – even haters have no choice but to concede that within its narrative she is the most important companion of all time, possibly even moving ahead into the future given her actions in Name of the Doctor and Listen – it’s going to be very difficult indeed for the next companion(s) to measure up. I’m not exaggerating that no matter who it is, he or she will end up being George Lazenby to Coleman’s Connery. We saw a similar effect with Martha Jones; I never warmed to her as a companion and part of that is due to the fact she came immediately after Rose Tyler who had her own level of profound impact on the show and the Doctor. Short of doing something out of left field, like bringing Romana back (played by Lalla Ward, of course, or Big Finish’s Juliet Landau), or pairing the Doctor up with Missy, I think the next companion should be no companion at all. At least, not right away. Give the Doctor a season of travelling without a regular companion, meeting new friends, and then let him pick up someone (maybe one of these new friends, or maybe some of the names given above) as a full-time companion. Obviously we don’t know how Moffat will spin things, but unless Clara turns evil or something, or becomes another Adam Mitchell, when she eventually leaves, especially given the events of Last Christmas, the Doctor’s heartbreak after losing Rose will pale in comparison since, let’s be frank, Clara is the person who should be his wife. Never mind River.

    • Dr Moo says:

      I like the idea of a companionless set of episodes too (series 10 when Clara’s gone?), it’s not really been done properly before and would allow for a different kind of story to what we’re used to and offer a new perspective on the character of Twelve. Clara is a tough act to follow I just hope she doesn’t become another Rose, one Rose was too many.

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