So Just Who Is Missy, Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere?

The game is afoot!

One of the best/ worst things about Moffat’s writing, depending on what kind of viewer you are, is the complexity he works into his stories. Some feel the mysteries themselves are better than the eventual pay-off, some live for the intrigue! One thing you can say about the Grand Moff is he certainly plans ahead – and I’m already sucked in…

Peter Capaldi’s debut episode, Deep Breath, aired Saturday and was packed with new mysteries. Top of the list is the identity of “Missy”, who welcomed the aptly named half-face-man to “Heaven” at the end of the episode…

There’s a precedent for a cameo from mysterious women foreshadowing perils-to-come. Back in Series 4, Rose made a surprise appearance at the end of the first episode, Partners in Crime. She cropped up several times throughout the series before returning from a parallel universe for the Dalek-fuelled finale. Then there was Madame Kovarian in Series 6, who kidnapped a pregnant Amy in order to train her daughter as the perfect assassin. She kept popping up in break-through hallucinations that Amy’s remote avatar had when Corvarian spoke to the real Amy – a sedated captive. Not at all mysterious!

In fact Moffat has a real thing for mysterious women driving the plot – arguably both River Song with her “spoilers” and Clara as the Impossible Girl appearing in various different times and places were similar devices. It looks like Michelle Gomez, stand-up comic and actress of Green Wing fame is another such teaser. So what do we know about Missy so far?..

MIchelle Gomez guests in Doctor Who Series 8

She welcomed a partly-human clockwork droid to a place she called “Heaven” and “paradise” after he landed awkwardly on the spire of Big Ben’s clock tower. She knew about the Doctor, knew he had either pushed half-face-man or convinced him to jump, and referred to the Doctor as her “boyfriend.” She also sounds Scots, likes his new accent and says “I might keep it”. So whoever she is she’s been keeping tabs from afar.

From the official synopses we know her character is called the “Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere” and she plays an important role in the finale two-parter Dark Water/ Death in Heaven alongside the Cybermen. And from last night’s teaser we know she does *bonkers* as only the wonderful Michelle Gomez can. So let’s take the bait and go THEORY MAD…

1. Mistress/Master

Missy is a recurring character from way back in the show’s history and top of the list is The Master. The idea is that if the Master took on female form, he might refer to himself as The Mistress (despite the slightly naughty connotations) it’s a short Scots hop to “Missy”. Hmm, perhaps.

The theories go further to suggest that “Heaven” with its circular ornamental garden might be the control room of the Master’s -sorry- the Mistress’s TARDIS. There is a precedent for this kind of thing. Perhaps the Master/ Mistress has set up a fake “Heaven” for duping people into thinking they’re in the afterlife as part of some of some appropriately devilish scheme. TARDISes have been used to create controlled environments before especially in the Virgin New Adventures published in the 90s which inspired a lot of NuWho. In Blood Heat the Doctor materialised his TARDIS around the whole of the Earth and in Interference it transpired that the junkyard the TARDIS first appeared in in Totters Lane was in fact a TARDIS belonging to a Time Lord named I.M. Foreman (!)..

Anyhow, the Master/ Mistress theory gets a Kasterborous red-card. This is too easy for Moffat, and we know he prefers to create his own mythos and ideas for the show rather than to hark back. Move along…

2. Could she be the Rani?

Renegade Timelord and amoral scientific genius who exploits “lesser races” for her own nefarious ends. The Sixth and Seventh Doctors fought her back in the Classic series when she was played by the late Kate O’Mara, oozing 80s glamour from every pore. The Rani might fit the bill – she’s a lady Timelord, though we know that Gallifreyans can change gender when they regenerate so that needn’t sway us. The problem is fans of old have been shouting “Rani!” every time a mysterious woman appears in Doctor Who – and there have been a few…

This gets another K-red card. If the Rani was returning, Big Finish almost certainly would not be allowed to bring the character back in their own audios. Siobhan Redmond is due to re-create the role on audio this December in Rani Elite.


3. River Song.

Yes the forums are buzzing with RIVER ALERT. The lovers and the haters are champing at the bit… Is this a sinister version of the Eleventh Doctor’s Mrs Robinson? In favour: She referred to the Doctor as her “boyfriend” (husband, surely?), at a time when he’s pointing out that he’s too old and alien to be a squeeze for a mere human – is Missy someone who might have a more legitimate claim to being his better half? Someone closer to a Time Lord than human?

Those putting this theory forward point out that River’s final resting place was the Library database where she exists as a digital consciousness. She and her archeology pals were last seen all wearing white in a sort of stately home simulated Paradise in angelic whites. Could she have turned evil and converted the Library into a sort of e-Afterlife, collecting lost souls and amassing a “Nethersphere” army? The Doctor did kinda abandon River. And she was originally brain-washed into wanting to kill him. Could her murderous programming have been reactivated after years trapped in the Library?

Alex Kingston returns as River Song in The Angels Take Manhattan

Again, I call foul. Moff is trying to move away from the romance side of things with Capaldi’s Doctor and what can be gained from returning to a character that he’s just finished with? To bring River back to explain where an evil bonkers lady has come from seems completely unnecessary. Backward rather than forward. She’s as likely to be the little girl from the library. No.

4. Is Missy not his “other half” but his other half?

Might she be a Dreamlord-style amalgamation of everything evil in the Doctor? It’s been hypothesised that she might be the sum of all the Doctor’s past misdemeanours – apparently based on the line that it’s time he did something about all the mistakes he’s made over 2000 years. My feelings in brief are: 1) Yaaaawn, 2) already been done (Dreamlord, Valeyard, the “dark side” of the Doctor’s mind in a skin-tight leotard from The Three Doctors). As theories go it’s a bit under-developed. How did these mistakes combine to make a demon-nanny custodian of the pearly gates?! Not enough to go on. This theory FAILS.

5. Cyberspace

We know, again from official filming photos, that Missy is somehow involved with the Cybermen in the series finale. Is the Netherspere somehow linked to the Cybermen? A part of the Cyberiad hive-mind or waiting station before being full convertion? Could Missy be left-over from Mr Clever in Neil Gaiman’s Nightmare in Silver?.. An insane yet calculating recruitment consultant for the Cyberiad? I’m again skeptical about this one. Who tradition would have the Cybermen teaming up with someone independent with mutual backstabbing intent.

Neil Gaiman Writes Cybermen Adventure for Doctor Who Series 7!

So let’s summarise. Moff might be bringing something old back, but he tends to create new characters and ideas. Missy knows a lot about the Doctor. She is linked to a place called the Nethersphere which is somehow related to the idea of an afterlife and may be linked to the Cybermen. There’s also the possibility that her character will solve another mystery. Way back in The Bells of St John, modern-day-Clara phoned the Eleventh Doctor in the 13th century, to get some Internet advice. When asked where she got the number for the TARDIS from she said…

“The woman in the shop wrote it down. It’s a help line isn’t it? She said it’s the best helpline out there – in the Universe, she said.”

Hmm. In Deep Breath the Twelfth Doctor brought this woman up again and implied she was the same person that planted the Impossible Girl advert which got Clara and the Doctor to meet at the Clockwork Droid’s organ-donating restaurant. Might Missy be an arch-manipulator behind both events? Why would she be so keen to keep the Doctor and Clara together?

We also have a quote from the finale synopsis:

“You betrayed me. You betrayed my trust, our friendship, and everything I’ve ever stood for. You let me down.”

But we don’t know exactly who says this. Is it the Doctor addressing Missy – might she be someone from his past who we’d never come across before? Or is that Missy addressing the Doctor? We know he’s made “many mistakes” in the past and might Missy be mounting her revenge for a wrongdoing far in the Doctor’s past? Is she in league with the Cybermen? Is she manipulating them too? And what does she want with half-face-man? Is she recruiting those who die by the Doctor’s actions or inactions, massing an army with a ready made vendetta against him?

Two things are certain. It looks like the relationship between Clara and the Doctor has more behind it yet and there is a lot that has happened in those 2000 years that we don’t know about…

But enough of my wild fantasies – what do you think Kasterborites? Who, when, why and how – tell us your thoughts below.

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  1. Herb Finn says:

    She could be another one of Clara’s “other selves”. They are still out there over time and space

  2. Harry M VanHoudnos says:

    Another possibility is that it is the Doctor’s TARDIS from back on Gallifrey. Not Sexy, not the one he has now, but his ORIGINAL TARDIS!

    • TonyS says:

      That was my first thought.

      • James Lomond says:

        Can someone explain this to me? Do people think that the TARDIS he is travelling in now is not the one that he has always had? Or do they think that the Doctor is in a different time line to the one we followed before where he has a different TARDIS? And do people think that’s because a Clara splinter on Gallifrey diverted the Doctor to a different TARDIS to thwart some unseen fiendish sabotage by the Great Intelligence? Surely the point was that she was directing him to his *original* TARDIS because the Great Intelligence had somehow directed him away from it? The knackered navigation system perhaps helping him to evade capture etc.? Also if the Doctor no longer died on Trenzalore because Clara convinced the Timelords to give him a new regeneration cycle and to close the crack – neither the Great Intelligence nor Clara *actually* never entered the Doctor’s post-mortem timeline in The Name of the Doctor and that all happened in a parallel universe? I really don’t see why there’s any reason to think that the TARDIS he’s travelling in now is not exactly the same one he’s been in all the way through the show and always (reconned) called “Sexy”? It certainly doesn’t seem as though Moffat intends that. The general public would never follow that plotline anyhow. Surely can’t be right??!

        • Chris says:

          If we only count the television series (which as far as new who is concerned, is the only canon), the Doctor has only had one TARDIS, which he nicked because he wanted to travel around but he’d failed his piloting test. As to his death on Trenzalore, just because he’s been there once doesn’t mean he can’t end up going back and dying there anyway.

          • James Lomond says:

            Yeah, true, he could still die there. I guess my question is why does Harry M VanHoudnos suggest he’s not been travelling in his own TARDIS – is that just a different interpretation of the Gallifreyan Clara’s influence on events to mine?

          • Harry M VanHoudnos says:

            First off, if you notice when Clara showed up for the First Doctor, when he was leaving Gallifrey, she directed him to the TARDIS that he used to leave Gallifrey. There are those out there, including Big Finish, who have said that Time Lord’s had their own personal Time Travel Capsules that they used. So, it is very much possible that Missy is like Sexy, in the sense that she is the humanoid manifestation of that TARDIS

    • Christopher Syn says:

      That was done in a BF audio.

      • TonyS says:

        And BBC books featuring the 8th Doctor.

        • James Lomond says:

          Ooh, what was? Confused… :S

          • TonyS says:

            A companion (Compassion) becoming a living TARDIS and the Doctor travelling in “her” for a while.

          • James Lomond says:

            Ah true. Though I suppose “Sexy” in the Doctor’s Wife sorta counts though arguably the craft wasn’t really “the TARDIS” while its “soul” was in Idris’s body… Compassion wasn’t *his* TARDIS though was she? Though they did travel in her for a bit… love to see them do entering into a humanoid TARDIS on tv. If I’m remembering rightly the Type 102 in Alien Bodies had her face expand into a sort of portal that you could walk in to?? 🙂 What did Big Finish do with TARDIS-people?…

    • BHB says:

      No, Clara always looks like Clara… She always live shortly and dies young saving Doctor.

  3. Bradondo says:

    Just an off-the-cuff thought here, but mightn’t she be one of the Claras herself? I think the “boyfriend” line may have been a clue, considering the conversation we had just seen between Clara and the Doctor. Clara was reborn on Gallifrey at least once and she will therefore have a version out there that can regenerate. Perhaps this is a lead up to how we lose Clara as a companion… As I say, it’s just a thought. I’m not committed to it without more evidence.

  4. apa says:

    What about romana? Or “mistress” like k-9 used to call her?

    • Mugen Pharoah says:

      She could have gone a bit bonkers in E space or the Time War. Heaven could even be E Space! Hmmmm food for thought, like it!

      • Tommygun264 says:

        That depends on whether or not the books & audio plays are considered part of the Doctor Who canon. If that is the case then it couldn’t be either Romana or the Rani, because in the audio plays & books, Romana returned from E-space, was captured by the Daleks & was freed after 20 years in captivity by the Doctor (I think it was the 6th). The Rani was killed most permanently (beheaded) in the books. However anything is possible, since the Grand Moff has proven he doesn’t mind mucking about with history when it suits his needs (cough-War Doctor-cough).

        • Chris says:

          To be fair, the books and audio plays have never been considered a part of the television canon. That was Russel T Davis’s official stance on the matter; hence why the last Time War was against the daleks and not against Faction Paradox. It’s also why the new series has shown time lords as children, even though the books state that time lords emerge from the loom fully grown.

          • Al says:

            I don’t know where you got that from. Davies issued no such edict and in fact referenced the events of a novel in one episode while Moffat canonized BF in Night of the Doctor.

          • Harry M VanHoudnos says:

            As far as an edict between BBC and Big Finish, there is a agreement between the two that states that Big Finish cannot use characters that have appeared on Doctor Who since the show returned to the airwaves. The reason for this is due to the fact that in Season 3, both the BBC AND Big Finish were using The Master! So, they had to come up with this agreement.

          • derekbd says:

            There had been children before the curse of Pythia (Time’s Crucible) and children were once again born on Gallifrey thanks to Leela and Andred (see Lungbarrow.)

  5. TonyS says:

    My first thought that she is the TARDIS…. and so is Clara!

  6. DonnaM says:

    The whole setup of “Paradise” was all very TARDIS like was my first thought. I’m inclined to agree the whole “Mistress as in female Master” is a bit obvious for a Moffat script, so what’s left?

    If Missy was, say, the woman in the shop, then she had the Doctor’s phone number. She knew who Clara was. And, if she was also responsible for the ad in the paper, she knows both the Impossible Girl backstory and the way two minds work. She also has some power!

    The “boyfriend” remark struck me as odd. Could she be Clara, considering what was said earlier in the episode, a mad, dangerous splinter? The TARDIS herself, who we know the Doctor loves so very much? I can’t help remembering a comment of Moffat’s a while ago about why those two didn’t get along and how it might all be building to something!

  7. Mugen Pharoah says:

    I thought Missy may be some kind of embodiment of death….back in ‘Rose’ in 2005 Clive said the Doctor has one constant companion – death. Well death might see the Doctor, with his trail of destruction, he could be seen, jokingly, as death’s boyfriend. Later on in the series there’s some kind of crisis where death, as Missy invades the real universe or something. In some ways harking back to what Clive said in Rose might be a way of setting up for a ten year nuWho anniversary at the end of the season. I’ll admit that’s tenuous but it’s always fun trying to outguess the Moff. And it’s wishful to inking they mark the ten year anniversary.

    I do like the Master theory though, as the boyfriend reference sheds some interesting light on their previous adventures……Remember on Sarn, the Master’s unfinished sentence….”how could you do this to your own……..”. Can we now finish the sentence……as they filmed in Lanzarote for series 8………!? Also from Moffat in Time Crash….”does he still have that rubbish beard?” joke. Did the Master and the Doctor have a thing at the academy?

  8. TimeChaser says:

    With the “boyfriend” remark and the idea that she might be a Time Lord, I had the nutty idea she might be Iris Wildthyme, maybe gone bad/insane from the Time War.

  9. Gerold says:

    Just a thought, but as I recall K-9 referred to Romana as ‘Mistress’. Romana II was rather attached to the Doctor, even adopting elements of the 4th Doctor’s attire. One wonders if there might have been some as yet not revealed event that led to a falling out between Romana and the Doctor.

  10. CosmicDebris says:

    Can someone explain to me about Big Finish not being able to use The Rani…because obviously they use The Master even though he has reappeared in the new series. They obviously have the Doctor, they just can’t use any of the new actors, so I would think that as long as they aren’t that particular version of the character, it would be fine. I don’t believe she is the Rani, though.

    • Francis Cave says:

      I think the theory is that Big Finish are allowed to use elements from the Doctors past but not at the same time as they are due to appear in the new series.

      I believe this has happened in the past where storylines featuring the master were not passed by the Cardiff production team as the character was about to appear at the end of series 3.

    • Harold Finch says:

      The Rani is appearing in an upcoming Sixth Doctor Big Finish release ‘The Rani Elite’ this time played by Siobhan Redmond. Big Finish’s licence with the BBC only currently allows them to use characters who appeared in the ‘classic series’. Any new characters from the 2005 series onwards are out of bounds.
      There are a couple of instances where ‘new series’ imagery has been used on Big Finish releases: The Tardis in it’s original form as seen at the start of ‘The Name of The Doctor’ can be seen on the cover of the First Doctor Companion Chronicles story ‘The Beginning’ and the ‘new series’ Daleks can be seen on the cover of the Gallifrey: Series 6 box set.

  11. A fan says:

    I thought either Romana from E-Space or the Black Guardian.

  12. Moosey30 says:

    So here I am thinking about what was said in the first episode
    1) missy knows about the impossible girl
    2) she also knows the doctor has a scotish accent
    3) she also knows this doctor can do so thin bad when he needs to !
    So how about this theory, Clara’s mother was a Romana , so she is half human , half timelady, but her mother sort to keep her safe buy using the chemilion circuit, so to all intense she is human, it would also answer how she could go down the doctors time line and stay alive. So all the clones of her would be human
    The woman that gave her doctors number was her future self, as she had to make sure they stay together to get her to a set point in her life, to create missy

  13. Nath Kyle says:

    I reckon that she is one big fat red herring. Moff loves to distract us with things like this, I personally think she isn’t a King (or Queen) on this particular game board, more like a Bishop or Knight serving as the distraction from the real Big Bad. The master likes using women as weapons/pawns…hmmmm

  14. When Mels regenerated into River in Let’s Kill Hitler, she said the last time she did that she ended up a toddler in NYC, but at the end of Day of the Moon, it’s 1969 — too old for her to grow up with Rory and Amy. Any chance it could be River from the Day of the Moon regeneration? I hope not, but the possibility is there. While I like River immensely, I really hope Moffat comes up with something slightly more clever than that.

    • After seeing “Angels Take Manhattan”, I had assumed that because Amy and Rory ended up in New York City, that River had directed them to the date and place of her regeneration so that they could retrieve her and make sure she got to Leadworth. I do not think Missy is River. I am thinking she is a red herring or some whacko splinter of Clara.

  15. Hoopconjecture says:

    I suspect a key moment in deep breath was the loss of The Doctors pocket watch.
    “You swapped your favourite watch for that coat?”
    Chameleon arch opportunity?
    The garden looks a lot like a Tardis.

  16. Jason says:

    The comment about the Doctor’s accent, ‘I might keep it’ — not ‘take it’ or ‘copy it’, made me think immediately that she might be the next Doctor.

  17. Colin says:

    I’m not ready to commit to a theory, but I wouldn’t be so hasty to write off the Master/Mistress idea. The very fact it seems a bit too obvious for Moff may be the very reason he would go there. Also, with all the speculation on whether the 12th Doctor would be female, it would be quite a Moffatian twist to have the Master regenerate into a new gender.

    The fact that Big Finish is bringing back The Rani may actually speak in favor of that theory. After all, I believe the BBC released The Sontaran Experiment on DVD–including an extra feature giving a history of the lovable potato-heads–the same year they returned to the series.

    These are all interesting ideas. Right now, I’m in wait-and-see mode. Perhaps more clues in future episodes will persuade me… 🙂

  18. edward says:

    what about the meddling monk?
    and what about romana “Mistress”?
    clara? the tardis? the black guardion? it has countless possibilities…
    but i still think she’s just a distraction… like the cybermen in season 2…
    Or maybe she’s just a completely new foe…
    i just have the notion that she’s a time lady… cause she putted an advert in a paper and then told clara about the doctor many years later… and… could the nethesphere be the timelord’s parallel universe? i mean… what if clara is the one that saves them? they would have a reason for keeping them together… and what if she’s death? doctor who always liker to temper with the supernatural side of things… for what i’ve seen from the series finale (pictures, etc..) the doctor will be working alongside her, so i don’t think she’s the main villain, i think she’s decoy… or a brand new enemy, that’s been building an army of dead robots for centuries untold… i think we just need to take a deep breath and wait and see…

  19. krumstets says:

    Existing / living in the Nethersphere could mean a place hidden from view .

    A place where even the Timelords could not find her . But why ?
    Because she is a Timelady who hid during or after the time war..and now she is back…!

  20. Mark Wilson says:

    The Doctor dated a robot once, he said so himself. Maybe that’s her.

  21. Ranger says:

    “You betrayed me. You betrayed my trust, our friendship, and everything I’ve ever stood for. You let me down.”

    Just a thought – perhaps this is the Doctor speaking to Clara. It might be interesting to have the dynamic between the new Doctor and his companion go bad.

    Ooh! Just had another thought, perhaps it’s Clara talking to the Doctor! Now that would be interesting.

    Can’t see it happening though.

    • I thought he might have been speaking to Kate Stewart, head of Unit. Unit set up the Black Archive so the Doctor could not access it. I would suggest that the Doctor and Unit disagree on whatever threat they are facing.

  22. Jacers77 says:

    I’m increasingly warming to the Missy=Tardis idea. Perhaps not the current tardis made conscious, but perhaps an older model?. We have already established that the tardis could be ‘made flesh’ in the ‘Dr’s Wife’ and the (slightly re-vamped’) Capldi tardis does now have a tinge of red…what could she be angry about? Could a completely re-booted Dr somehow be out-of-sync with the tardis? could their symbiotic connection be short circuiting?Lets not forget that Missy almost appeared to speak as if she had an element of control over the Dr’s regeneration. The clincher for me is the phone message and phone service being described as the ‘best in the Universe’ – I couldn’t think of a more literal description of the tardis itself! (or herself)

  23. Could Missy be the Toymaker from the Second Doctor?

  24. Grant says:

    Evil future Clara.

  25. teddybowties says:

    Perhaps, if not Clara, Melody/River, Romana or the REAL TARDIS, then… Missy could be an aspect of the Doctor, his animus, you know, like kosmos in Xenosaga. Just saying.

  26. teddybowties says:

    OR she’s like the Pythia. Or DEATH. Remember the novel with 7? so many tasty tidbits, so many multifaceted clues! IT’s like being one of the seven dwarves!

  27. John says:

    I think maybe that Missy is Ramona and that the “Promised Land” aka Heaven is E-Space.

  28. Jason says:

    Could she be The 1st Doctor’s abandoned love interest that was also the mother of Susan’s mother? She would have reason to feel hurt by Wm Hartnall’s Dr leaving her on Galifray and running off with her grandchild.

  29. SD says:

    What if it’s someone we wouldn’t think of?
    Someone betrayed, who may have gone crazy?
    Tasha Lem perhaps? or a Timelord we have forgotten? (Dr Donna?)

  30. hyncharas says:

    I’ve already commented on the Dalek episode that the creature that human ship has could be Clara from the Asylum, though it is possible this new character is Clara as well.

    We know when she jumped into The Doctor’s timestream, millions of versions of her were born on worlds throughout the universe; including Gallifrey, when she told him to steal a TARDIS other than the one he was going to… on this basis, the woman could be Clara Oswald as a Time Lady, just with a different face.

  31. Tommygun264 says:

    I know many think it’s too obvious, but I’m thinking Missy is the Master. At the beginning of “The Doctor’s Wife”, when the 11th Doctor received the message cube bearing the mark of his old friend & fellow Time Lord, the Corsair, he mentioned that the Corsair had the same tattoo (I believe it was an Ouroboros, or snake eating its own tail) in each of his generations, even when he had regenerated as a female “and she was a BAD girl”, thus establishing that Time Lords can swap genders when they regenerate. The Master has been portrayed as having an obsessive, love/hate relationship with the doctor, and in his most recent incarnations (John Simm) was certainly psychotic enough. And I know that Stephen Moffatt has said he’s done with the Master, but he has lied about things in the past & even bragged about misleading fans in order to keep them guessing at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. Moffatt can always say later that when he said he was done with the Master, he meant the Master as we have previously known him. I Just got a very “John Simm psycho Master vibe” when Missy welcomed the half-face man android to heaven, especially when she said “Paradise!” then snapped her teeth rolled her eyes & twirled away.

    I can’t see it being Romana – even when Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor & Lalla Ward’s Romana were romantically linked off camera & a bit of their chemistry showed through on camera, the Doctor & Romana were never anything more than good but platonic friends.

    Same with the theory that Missy is one of the fractured bits of Clara. Clara has always been depicted as looking like herself & Missy can’t be an older Clara unless her eyes change from dark brown to pale blue with age. Besides, I get a sinister vibe from Missy & Clara’s fractured selves have always assisted the Doctor.

    Whom ever Missy turns out to be, I’m sure it will be clever & satisfying when her identity is revealed – Stephen Moffatt’s greatest contribution to “Doctor Who” was, is, & will probably always be in his writing. Michelle Gomez is a wonderful & entertaining actress, and her portrayal of Missy, although brief, has already captured imaginations. I’m looking forward to the story of Missy unfolding, where ever it goes.

  32. Margaretha says:

    I’m thinking something to do with Clara’s splinters. The boyfriend line nails it for me after it was given so much play in the episode. Perhaps some of Clara’s splinters have taken on another form due to her rescuing one of the doctors from the GI. Whatever it is, it will keep us all guessing. The Grand (Emmy winning!) Moff is such a tease he’ll have us guessing all the way through and then come up with something brilliant. Michelle Gomez looks like being one of the best of Moffat’s fabulous femme fatales yet and should really spark off Capaldi.

  33. Harold Finch says:

    Personally I would much prefer Missy to be a brand new character; The Doctors Irene Adler in as much as The Master is his Moriarty.

  34. Perhaps she’s The Moment, in another form, picking people from time.
    Then hooray! Billie Piper will come back (again!)

  35. DaveBenjamin says:

    How about this: Missy is a brand new character created by Moffat, and the history between her and the Doctor hasn’t happened yet

  36. LittleHobbit says:

    Oh, I’m so intrigued. Moffat is really clever and evil at the same time. Heard Missy has moved to the Twittersphere and you can ask her at @missydoctorwho . Thinking of a clever question…

  37. candirodgers says:

    Missy is a future version of Clara. She calls the doctor her “boyfriend” which is oddly reminiscent of what it is stated by others (Vastra, the doctor, and Clara herself when she wants to introduce him to her family). She inserts herself into Clara’s and the Doctor’s timeline, making sure they find each other, therefore ensuring her own future. She is referred to by the doctor as an egomaniacal needy gameplayer and control freak, which is what it seems Missy may be. We also have the quote about betrayal, which could be from the doctor to Clara.

  38. Iron says:

    Back in the 10th Doctors episode “the next doctor”, The Doctor sends the Cybermen and Miss Hartigan into the Time Vortex. Missy = Miss Hartigan.

  39. Bill says:


    Well whoever she is she seems to have a tardis – the layout of “heaven” looks like the interior of a tardis in that there is a central console – the fountain feature – and all the rest seems to be build around that – we know that tardises (tardi?)can change “desktops” and – most telling – the way that the doctor saved Journey Blue at the start of episode was the same as the way Missy brought the soldier to heaven at the end – the scream of despair – the inevitability of certain death – the blinding light – and then the new location – just like materialising a tardis around a person and picking then out of time – so, unless the Grand Moff has created a completely new character – I’m guessing she’s the Rani.
    May be making 2 and 2 into 5 here but what the hell – the Rani was, due to her renegade status, presumably away from Gallifrey when the Time War concluded and so presumably is still somewhere in our universe – she specialises in experimenting with other races and from snippets of a script for the finale I saw online it looks like she is planning to adapt the human race into cybermen in some way to “better” the cyber race which is her modus operandi as established in the original series.
    Also – and it’s just a passing thought – the interior of her Tardis has lots of classically styled pillars and columns, not unlike the layout of “heaven”.
    and the reference to her “boyfriend”? There always was a flirty relationship between the two of them in the classic series as I recall.
    From my past record the Grand Moff has always managed to come up with something different to my own theories but what the hell – it’s fun to play!!

  40. Nick Kritselis says:

    Missy… or Miss E?

    Has anyone else noticed a bit of a resemblance (eyes, hair, clothes) between “Missy” and the “saved” version of Miss Evangelista from “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead”.

    Could it be that Moffet will be taking us back to the Library?

    Also, looking at the released titles of upcoming episodes:

    “Kill the Moon” brings to mind the Dr. Moon virus-checker that had trouble controlling the human-saving library storage device CAL, which was essentially emptied of all but those people killed by the Vashta Nerada, and could well be the “nethersphere/heaven”.

    “In the Forest of the Night” calls us back to the “Forest” of the dead…

    “Dark Water” could be a word-play on a corrupted version of River…

    “Death in Heaven” could allude the Doctor’s final solution to defeating this enemy – turning off the computer, resulting in the final death of all those people stored in the “Heaven”, including River…


    • CosmicDebris says:

      Interesting theories…I know I have thought that it might have something to do with the virtual world that River is stuck in. Something about that always struck me as not right…..

    • Jacers77 says:

      I really like this Nick – I think this is very plausible. It also rather neatly explores the Dr’s ‘I’ve made many mistakes…’ speech – what if his tampering with the Library database created some kind of virus? Pangs of ‘The Face of Evil’ and the repercussions of the Dr’s past actions coming back to haunt him??. Miss E is quite neat – and lets not forget that Miss Evagelista was indeed ‘corrupted’ during her initial download into the library, It could also lead to a situation where the Dr is forced to save River – or ultimately decide to ‘pull the plug’ on the library – unless ‘River’ has been amalgamated into Miss E’s viral personality. Definite scope for a ‘new baddy’ if the plan goes wrong. Personally, I always loved the concept of the ‘Timewyrm’ from the ‘new adventure’ series of books – a malevolent sentient computer virus ‘gone bonkers’ – ooh that could be interesting. And yes – ‘Kill the moon’ – a snare that somehow forces the Dr to inadvertently destroy the library’s ‘virus checker’ Dr Moon…

      • CosmicDebris says:

        I really like the story “The Face of Evil”, I think they haven’t had enough stories where something the Doctor does to genuinely help ends up going wrong. I also thought of that story a bit when thinking about the family he saved in Pompeii worshiping him and the TARDIS as their family gods. Could be another thing coming back to bite him, perhaps something to do with his face, but that’s a whole other discussion I guess.

  41. Davebenjamin says:

    I think there could be a chance that Missy is Lucie Miller, a companiont to Paul Mcgann’s Doctor, as played by Sheredan Smith in the audio adventures (she has already been established as part of the Television Doctor’s timeline – Night of the Doctor). If you take the first syllable of Miller, and the second syllable of Lucie – put them together and you get Missy (well it sounds like Missy) – But Lucie Millier is dead you say – Exactly! – This may be cunning way to bring back Sheredan Smith as a companion to Peter Capaldi’s doctor when Clara leaves. The people who have ended up in “Paradise”, are those who have sacrificed themselves for the Doctor – as did Lucie – It also occurs to me that “Paradise” could be the Doctor’s Subconscious – and the inhabitants are figments of his guilt, who eventually manifest themselves as real living people again – a great way to bring back Lucie – and the reason why Missy doesn’t look like Sheredan Smith is….. well, that would be too much of a give-away – Personally, I’d love to see Sheredan Smith as a TV Companion – She is my favorire companion, even though she’s only been in the audio adventures (so far)

  42. Al says:

    In Blink the Doctor mentions being married. This was before he ever met River or QEI, so there is another “Doctor’s wife” out there.

    Can’t see it being Clara. They’d have Jenna playing her.

    I think it will be a brand new character.

  43. dr jon says:

    could be romana from e space,she may be getting ready for a return into our universe through the crack in time.She may well be miffed with the dr for never trying to get back to help her leave e space.And is getting other beings with a grudge against the dr to help her.

  44. bonobobananas says:

    New foe or whatever please. I’m really finding these story arcs irritating as they seem so detached from the story of the week. Why do we need a story arc? Isn’t writing good episodes enough? It’s become so commonplace it feels like this arc is just shoehorned in BECAUSE.

    • Harry M VanHoudnos says:

      HEY! Preaching to the Choir here! I’m feed up with this idea of a storyline arc each and every year. If we are going to do a arc, then do it for a MAJOR event, not something that needs to be done each and every year.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I have the feeling she’s the “woman in the shop…”

  46. Marky437 says:

    With NuWho it will be either 2 things – 1. Something really predictable or 2. Nothing to do with the rumours and be some generic individual of no importance being used as prawn for some higher being

  47. scrimmers says:

    A female Valeyard??

  48. Clara Oswald says:

    Well….I reckon shes rose, romana, river, Amelia, clara or the TARDIS or somebody nobodys thought of, like ace, or a new character. or the doctor, or maybe she is in a dream state like oswin because ‘the truth was too horrible’ shes the woman in the shop I think

  49. Clara Oswald says:

    Maybe shes flesh or an auton!

    • Marky437 says:

      Moffat is becoming more and more predictable in his creations I mean – Weeping Angels – don’t look, the Robots in the first episode of this season – Don’t Breath and now last nights story don’t think – what’s next don’t listen. I’m sorry by NuWho is becoming more and more cbeebies than BBC – no one dies on screen and if they do they come back alive and everyone has a happy Hollywood ending. I like the new dr but his aggression and anger doesn’t fit the current format as it’s the same format as the last god know how many series. For this new Dr to work the story lines need to be darker and less Cbeebies. As for Clara she’s up there with Adric and the way Moffat makes out this one dimensional character a key part of the Drs entire life is sickening and irritating lol

      • There writes someone who doesn’t watch CBeebies…

      • Bradondo says:

        If it really bugs you there’s always the option of “don’t watch.” 😉

        • Marky437 says:

          It’s amazing how Who fans have become very defensive of any criticism to NuWho – like I said the new dr is good it’s just the current format and trend of “Moffat’s monsters” I would like to see the series start on a darker note – new Dr new era

          • Marky437 says:


          • Bradondo says:

            It was meant jokingly (sorry if it didn’t come across that way), as in “don’t blink…don’t breathe…don’t think…etc.” “Don’t watch” seemed the next logical step in the process if the Moff leaves one completely cold. There’s certainly plenty to criticize in Doctor Who of late and I have been pretty vocal about what I haven’t liked in the past. I mostly disagree with you about this particular series so far (which has largely worked for me) but I definitely think Moffat should bow out at the end of it. He’s taken it in a slightly darker direction with Capaldi but I’m ready for a new guiding hand to freshen up the plots and threats the Doctor is given to deal with. I totally agree that Moffat uses little gimmicks to make his monsters scary, which sometimes works and sometimes does not. If he stays on I would like to see him write fewer stories himself.

          • Marky437 says:

            Me too was meant to put the comment as tongue in cheek but forgot the lol that’s why there was a smile face under it lmao.

            I mean the new Dr is good he steals every scene gets in but it’s the format of which the series has taken – I mean his first episode had some dark elements but the comedy aspect null void them and the irritating “happy endings” and when people die they come back alive and everyone is happy. Also is it me but the deaths are being sanitised and when they do it’s a lot off screen with the exception of the Dalek story. This has been a long going argument since Rose. I don’t know lol at least the sonic screwdriver wasn’t used in last nights episode ;-P
            I really think they need new blood in the writing teams as when I think of the dark stories of the old series they were dark, even some of the Big Finish stories are very dark and doom laden. I’m not criticising the new Dr not at all – perhaps I was expecting a lot more – the series may evolve to be more darker as it progresses but with Moffat I’ve been let down to many times by what he says and then does the total opposite. I was watching “The Horror of Fang Rock” a few weeks ago and hadn’t realised how dark it was and everyone dies except for the Dr and Leela and the Dr is so alien and didn’t really care that all these innocent people died – I’ve not seen that in NuWho for ages or even at all? Maybe the Marketing teams are now looking at different demographics compared to the past? I don’t know lol

  50. Michael says:

    She did call the doctor he “boyfriend”. The doctor and Melody Pond A.K.A. River Song are married. In turn, she must be River Song.

  51. TonyS says:

    If her surname is Sippy she might be an American river. Oh hang on, a slightly less flippant suggestion presents itself…

  52. R.J. says:

    Missy, Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere. Who is she? She can either time-travel or see the future. She’s probably been watching the Doctor for a long time. Missy seems to be a manifestation of death or some kind of god – or somebody who likes to see themselves as such. Maybe she has an obsession with the Doctor because he never stays dead, a kind of crazy fan-girl fascination (Boyfriend? Dream on, they’ve probably never actually met!). Seeing what the Great Intelligence was planning on Trenzalore, she decided to send him a ‘guardian angel’ and appeared to Clara as the woman in the shop who gave her the TARDIS phonenumber. Missy hoped Clara would follow the GI into the Doctor’s timeline so that there would always be someone there to foil the GI splinters in their attempts to destroy the Doctor. She’s obviously keeping tracks on them, placing the newspaper ad for the Impossible Girl in ‘Deep Breath’, and wants them to stay together, but why? Does she want to exploit the bond between the Doctor and Clara for her own ends – she needs the Doctor for the completion of her ultimate plan and will use Clara to get him? Is the Nethersphere in another dimension as the name suggests and is it a collector for the minds of the dead? Are the collected consciousnesses being used to power a new generation of Cybermen? Maybe ‘Paradise’ is a virtual home for these minds because it helps them function longer. Could the Nethersphere exist inside the TARDIS? It’s a big place. What if Missy is the TARDIS (Holographic Interface anyone?) protecting her Thief. Maybe Missy is a Time-Lord. Maybe she’s the Master. Maybe she is a Great Old One like the Great Intelligence – a lot of them were Guardians of something-or-other – but weakened and a bit mental. Or she IS the Great Intelligence, weakened and a bit mental. I could go on but I won’t because in the end the only one who really knows is The Moff and he’s not saying. So we’ll all just have to wait and see.

    However it ends, this has been a fantastic series with a wonderful new Doctor who I hope will stick around for a few more years to come. And, after an uncertain start, I happen to like Clara so I’m not wanting to see her go just yet.

  53. Tim says:

    I believe we are dealing with the creature from an earlier Dr Who episode called Midnight. If you recall an alien creature managed to take over a female host and then latched onto the Dr’s thoughts. She had literally tapped into his mind and this is why I think the ‘Mistress of the Nether-sphere’ is currently Scottish. She has his intelligence as well as his memories, but her moral compass is pointing altogether in a different direction.

    I agree Moffat likes to create his own mythos and that he has had plans in using this creature again. A creature with the mind of a timelord, as well as their technology plus that it telepathic would be a formidable challenge for the Doctor.

  54. Joy Bishop says:

    After much deliberation, am sticking with the Master/Mistress idea … but both Missy and the Doctor stating ‘Clara,my Clara’ is niggling away at me. I had thought Miss Hartigan, Missy and Clara were sisters discounted that!

  1. November 4, 2014

    […] kinda called this one. Not here, I don’t think, but on a Doctor Who blog back in August (see HERE–scroll down to see my comment). With all the fuss over whether the Doctor would regenerate […]

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