What Will The Twelfth Doctor Wear?

The Time of the Doctor has passed, and we’ve met the new man. Eventually, he’ll find his own threads, and much speculation has been had on what Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor should wear. Will the costume reflect the man he is now, will it be a nod to the past and the man he once was, or will it be something new and completely different than anything he has ever worn?  Let’s look at some options.

1. The Sixth Doctor’s Coat of Many Colors

Ok, let’s get this one out of the way. We’ve already seen comments from Moffat that while he isn’t really getting involved in the costume choices this time, as he was originally against Matt Smith’s bowtie, he’s said that if this happens –


– he’d object to it. And I agree with him. If anything, it would only ever again work as a joke,  or maybe another shot of the TARDIS’ wardrobe like we had when Ten was choosing his look. A funny look back but nothing to be taken seriously.

2. Mixing items from all of his past incarnations, maybe Ten’s long coat, Five’s celery, and Seven’s question mark jumper.

Again, like the idea of Twelve wearing Six’s Coat of Many Colors, this would only be a joke a best, and something that would almost feel like a mockery of the past at worst. We all love the show too much for that, and so do Moffat and Capaldi. Every Doctor, while still the same man, is a man all his own.

3. The tattooed tough guy – maybe a military style with camouflage or motorcycle lover with leather and chains.

No. Not at all what the Doctor would ever look like – or act like.

4. He’s the oldest man to play the Doctor, let’s have him wear cardigans and loafers, a grandfatherly look.


He may be the oldest man to play the part, but that doesn’t mean he needs to look like he should be living in a retirement home and using a cane to walk with support! What I am hoping for, though, is that this is something of the relationship he will have with Clara, once she moves past the shock of his regeneration. While Eleven and Clara were more friends, like Eleven was with Rory and Amy since he looked like he was in their same age range, I’m hoping we’ll see a wiser, older Doctor, something more along the lines of how the First Doctor could be. It’s not something we’ve seen in the new Doctor Who era, and something that would be a welcome change.

5. Velvet coat, leather pants, maybe throw in some lace.

I call this the Aging Rock Star Doctor.
We’re saying goodbye to our Old Man in a Young Man’s Body Doctor.
This would be more like the Trying To Still Look Hip Doctor.
Plus, the Third Doctor had an outfit that might be classified the same way, but the dandy look worked well for him and for his era.

6. The adventurer type – boots, khaki trousers, always looking slightly rumpled, like Indiana Jones.

The Doctor laughs at archaeologists, including his wife. Why would he dress like one?

7. Whatever, just give him facial hair!


This is an interesting thought as well, as we’ve never had a Doctor with a beard or mustache. Why not now? We know Capaldi looks dashing with one!

8. Polo shirt, suit jacket, and distressed denim jeans.

While this might be a common look adopted by many men trying to look as if they took some care in what they are wearing instead of a sloppy white t-shirt and jeans, I don’t know that this works for our Doctor. It’s too much on the casual side.

9. Victorian era

This too close to what the Eighth Doctor first wore, with the longer coat and ruffles, and exactly what Eleven adopted in his last season. While the look isn’t a bad one, it’s been done, and done recently. Each Doctor has had a different look they call their own and unless for some reason the Twelfth Doctor is stuck in London with the Paternoster Gang the whole of Series 8 (hey, why not – Ed), this just isn’t right.

10. All black, like Capaldi wore when he was introduced to the world as the man to become the Twelfth Doctor.


This is another idea I like. It’s something that has not been done by any other Doctor and like Nine’s jumper and leather jacket, Ten’s suits, or even Eleven’s tweed and bow tie, is something that won’t feel dated in a few years. It would reflect the notion that Capaldi’s Doctor will be one that is a little darker than his past incarnations.

I would also add to this no more color changes depending on traveling forward or backwards in time. While this was basically true of our most recent Doctors, I think it’s something that has been given way too much meaning by the fans, especially since it didn’t always stick to the pattern. If you’re going to give something as subtle as a color change a meaning, make sure you always stick to it. Otherwise it’s confusing, and Doctor Who can be confusing enough!

11. He should go back to wearing a suit, but depending on where and when the TARDIS lands, his outfit should reflect the time period.

This is one idea I like. We’ve never really seen the Doctor do this, although we know the TARDIS has a vast wardrobe. You would think the Doctor would take more advantage of said wardrobe. We saw Rose and Donna take the time to change into something a little more appropriate for the time periods they visited. It would be nice to see the Doctor do this as well. And perfectly set up a visual gag for Capaldi if an episode is set in ancient Rome or Greece…

(You all know this is something you want to see – Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor in a toga. It needs to happen.)
12. The Doctors saved Gallifrey. GALLIFREY FALLS NO MORE! Let’s bring back those wonderful Time Lord high collared robes!

No. Just no.

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  1. I think he should wear what reflects his Doctor and I liked how he landed in different time periods and never changed what he was wearing it set up some great gags

  2. TimeChaser says:

    Its too bad Matt switched to the frock and waistcoat combo. While he rocked it pretty well, Capaldi looks good in it too in his post-regeneration scene.

    I still say maybe a nice black suit and an honest-to-god trench coat. The Time of the Trench Coat has come!

    • Simon Magellan says:

      I always thought the original tweed and bow tie was best – more distinctive. The switch to the Victorian/Edwardian gear was too abrupt for my liking.

  3. Geoff says:

    I agree, I thought he looked good in Matts clothes. I love the six coat mock up on this thread, very funny!
    Hopefully it won’t be too costumey. Until season 18 the Doctor always changed his clothes but stuck to a basic theme, a bit like a lot of us do in life. I’d like to see something that sticks to that format. I’ve enjoyed the way the three modern Doctors have dressed and changed their clothes fairly frequently. Peter Capaldi is a tall lean man so I’m sure he will look good in whatever they put him in. I’m sure he will drezz for the occasion!

  4. Geoff says:

    Ps don’t knock cardigans. If its good enough for Daniel Craig (surely the most geek of Bonds) then its good enough for the Doctor. I quite like a v neck with cream jeans, desert boots and cardigan look and I’m over 40…

  5. DonnaM says:

    I’m sure both Peter and the production team have the sense to avoid either Six’s explosion-in-a-paint-factory look or anything at screams “costume!!!” out of the screen! And frankly I’m hoping we won’t have too much longer to speculate, because surely they’ll have been smart enough to do a photo shoot for official release before filming starts this time!

    I’ve no idea what he should wear – only a list of shouldn’ts! No bow tie, no question mark, no celery, thank you very much!

  6. TonyS says:

    “No bow tie, no question mark, no celery”? But celery is cool! (Kidding. I can’t stand the stuff)

  7. TonyS says:

    But can I just add- no long scarf? In 50 years of the programme, Tom Baker covers nearly 8 years. Lets not hark back to the past. Lets find something original.

  8. Simon Magellan says:

    I have found it interesting how the new series has developed costumes over the past eight years. RTD said that nowadays an audience wouldn’t accept a “costume” like the old Doctors wore – hence the more noraml clothes of his Drs – a leather jacket and jumper, a suit. With Moffat there has been a move towards a more costumey look – the tweed and bow tie wasn’t too outrageous, but then we have a SF hero in Victorian dress, which is a marked departure from the modern look of the new series when it started. More like the TV movie, in fact.

    I wonder what we will go for now – I can’t believe that it will stay with the same look as Smith had at the end – it would be a first for the series to have one Doctor wear his predecessor’s style. As it has been stated that Capaldi has been shopping for his outfit suggests there will be a change.

    They could build on the Edwardian look of past Doctors – a change from the Victorian – or go for a more modern look – the sharp Italian suit type! He does look good in the photos you see of him at awards and so on, in such attire.

    Personally hoping for a return to velvet jackets so I can get mine out of the wardrobe. Velvet jackets are cool!

  9. Geoff says:

    Velvet jackets are cool! I agree that Matts last outfit was a touch costumey, I thought that when I saw the first promo pictures of him wearing it. Now you mention the TV movie you’ve put into words what I didn’t like about it. It was a bit affected, just the sort of thing RTD wanted to avoid when he brought the show back. But to be fair it’s a million miles away from the question marks and frock coat “Doctor Who, the light entertainment years” outfits Colin and Peter had to endure.
    I always particularly liked the way Tennant and McCoy dressed (minus the ? Pullover), quite normal but slightly quirky.

  10. MOLLY says:

    Anything from Doctor 9,10,11 Would work, Maybe a Stetson as they are cool

  11. Dalekbreath says:

    last one looks like he belongs in a Flash Gordon strip.

  12. Steve says:

    Peter would look very elegant in a sharp Italian suit, however hears another thought. Peter was a Glasgow School of Art student during the time of punk rock and the sex pistols. This time had some very distinctive looks and Vivien Westwood still could bring something to the Doctors costume that may even ring a few bells today.

  13. J. J. Guest says:

    The 12th Doctor has now debuted and we still haven’t seen what he’ll be wearing in the new series! Normally we’d have seen a few publicity pictures by now. I’m beginning to suspect that we’ll never get to see the new costume; that throughout the Capaldi era the Doctor will always be shot in extreme close-up, standing behind things, or with his head poking around a corner.

  14. DonnaM says:

    I can’t help but notice that several commenters have used a phrase I hope never to hear fall from the Doctor’s lips again: that this-that-or-the-others are cool!

    Every time I heard Eleven say it I found myself thinking “You’re the Doctor, you don’t need to worry abut being cool!” As long as he’s distinctive (as opposed to outrageous) I’ll be happy.

  15. Never had a Dr with a beard etc.. erm okay so hat about John Hurt. In the end he called himself the doctor and is known to be of the line so¬’

  16. Simon Magellan says:

    Yesterday came across a photo of Peter Cushing’s Doctor – quite a nice outfit, not too outlandish, not quite Hartnell, but foreshadowing Pertwee a bit as well (velvet smoking jacket) – something like that might be nice.

  17. STLShawn says:

    Why hasn’t anyone made a flash or html5 “dress the new doctor” website?!?!

  18. I would like to see him in a suit like 10 or something less flashy like 9 something that reflects that he accepted who he is and that he is more dark than he would like to be and a long coat please they are cool

  19. Simon Magellan says:

    The next DWM, out 9th January, is a “Peter Capaldi IS The Doctor” issue (I believe) – would not be at all surprised if it carries the official pictures of the new Costume, which will no doubt be in the papers and on TV around the same date.

    Can’t remember where I saw this and it may be completely wrong, but am sure I saw somewhere that filming starts on the 8th? Anyone know if this is right or wrong? (Odd date if true as wouldn’t they start on a Monday?)

    • DonnaM says:

      I’ve seen it reported as the 6th (which would make sense, give them a full week) on another site. Whether that’s based on information or guesswork isn’t clear, but either way it could be a Monday “reveal”. When does the publicity for DWM usually appear, two or three days before publication?

      Surely the BBC will want to do the big “reveal” themselves before that?

      • “other site”

        Nope, no idea what you’re talking about there, DonnaM! 😉

        DWM cover would probably turn up on Facebook this weekend/Monday, based on previous months

        • DonnaM says:

          Hmm, well, that’d be telling, Christian!

          Given your estimate for the DWM cover – another “BBC Breakfast exclusive” could be on the cards?

          I hope not – I’m in work early on Monday so I’d probably miss it!

  20. dr jon says:

    I think a long dark trench coat black or dark gray to wear when the weather is wet or cold.and black trousers and a white or blue shirt.with a black jacket and a waistcoat is optional.also black boots.

    • Simon Magellan says:

      Although I think it highly unlikely, I wouldn’t mind seeing a 1930s/40s Film Noir look – rench coat (a la Bogie), sharp double breasted suit, fedora. Something a bit different. I may not be the only one to be getting a bit tired with the Victorian look!

  21. Ivan Gocić says:

    I hope there would be no scarfs, bow-ties, ties, cravats or any neckwear. Maybe some kind of headwear? And kilt! Or robe! Nah, I am just messing around. Hope it’s something simple.

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