The Couple Who Die And Die Again…

You know how the Silence called Rory “the man who dies and dies again”? Maybe they should be calling the Ponds “the couple who die and die again” – an interesting point of view has been put forward to this writer by Twitter user @smiddlehurst.

Turns out that not only does Amy die a lot (due to shared deaths and the like), she actually dies an equal number of times! Which just goes to show that Moffat’s a subtle b–[language! Ed.]

Without further ado, we’ll give you the same death toll that he provided us. His criteria were:
[quote]’death’ is a bit fuzzy but any time a version of the character dies or transforms on-screen – death from their POV I guess…[/quote]
We concur that some of these may be playing a bit fast and loose with the definition of death but we’re going by what we’ve seen on-screen. That is, even if it’s temporary, a parallel universe or a dream it still counts.

Rory-Exclusive Deaths:

Amy’s Choice – Got turned into dust by the Eknodine in a dream.

Cold Blood – Shot by Restac to save the Doctor (who looked like he didn’t need saving as he was preparing his sonic screwdriver to zap her gun anyway).

Cold Blood – Eaten by the Time Crack spaghetti light energy and removed from existence.

The Curse Of The Black Spot – He drowns and then just suddenly comes back to life after Amy fails to revive him.

The Doctor’s Wife – Old age in TARDIS after waiting yet another long period of time for Amy, a scenario which took place in Amy’s head.

The Angels Take Manhattan – He seals his younger self’s fate by dying of old age in Winter Quay in front of him. Well, kind of.

Amy-Exclusive Deaths:

Amy’s Choice – VW Camper meets side of house, with unpleasant results.

The Pandorica Opens – Shot in the gut by Auton Rory. Ouch!

The Big Bang – This one is Young Amelia, who was erased from time when nobody was looking.

The Almost People – Amy’s Ganger dissolves into a puddle of Flesh. Although it’s a transference of consciousness rather than death, Amy herself said “I can remember it, so it happened”. That logic would seem to apply well enough here.

Night Terrors – Amy gets turned into a doll. “Got myself a walking, talking…” etc.

The Girl Who Waited – Killed in an emotional finale by the Handbots, who were only trying to help.

Shared Deaths:

Amy’s Choice – Exploding TARDIS

The Big Bang – Universe-wide reboot puts paid to those versions of Amy and Rory, since for a start Amy now has parents. Not that it made much difference, mind!

Day Of The Moon – Shot by Canton in an effort to avoid the Silence.

The Angels Take Manhattan – Jumping from Winter Quay. [That plan would’ve been buggered if Amy had taken the brunt of the drop.]

The Angels Take Manhattan (again) – According to their tombstone, they died sometime before 2012. Something we’ve only just noticed in putting all this together is that Amy’s Choice marked each of their first deaths, in which they died more or less together, and The Angels Take Manhattan marks their last by having them die more or less together. Sweet.

Final score: Rory 11, Amy 11!

Let us know if we’ve missed any or if we’ve blown your mind, and again full credit for everything except the “being shot by Restac” one goes to @smiddlehurst. Thanks chap!

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  1. Paddy says:

    I liked that the jumping scene in TATM mirrored the decision Amy made in Amy’s Choice – “go together, or not at all”.

  2. TonyS says:

    You’re counting Day of the Moon? Shot does not always equal dead. And she was moving around quite a lot not long afterwards.

  3. Philip Bates says:

    Excellent article. It did always puzzle me when people said that Rory’s the one who dies and dies again, when, yes, Amy dies all the time too. Mind you, I hadn’t realised that they’re equal. How wonderfully fitting.

    Oh, and Matt Smith has to do a lot of dying acting too!

  4. Duggy says:

    I’ve been thinking the same thing. Amy dies as much as the man who dies again and again and Rory waited longer than The Girl Who Waits.

  5. Person says:

    They both technically died again in Amy’s Choice when the TARDIS crashed to the cold star

  6. Vh says:

    Rory has actually died 14 times at least

  7. Stefani says:

    I really found this helpful, I was telling my non whovien frind that Rory dies a lot and now I know how meny.

  1. February 21, 2014

    […] conversant enough with the show to discuss it. I’m just looking at Doctor Who. According to this article, Rory and Amy have each died eleven times (this number is arguable). Then there are other major […]

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