Series 7 Themes You May Have Spotted…

(…And One That Was Conspicuous By Its Absence) 

We hate to say this but the time of Angels is almost upon us, and Amy and Rory are about to bid us their allegedly final farewell. With that in mind, it’s entirely probable that Moffat has laid in some clues throughout the season to give us little hints of what’s to come.

Our very own Alasdair McKenzie has spotted some (in our various comment threads, posting as Castellan Spandrell) that appear to be standing the test of time and the latest episode, The Power Of Three, only added more fuel to this particular fire. One thing that we’ve noticed is that a fair few of these clues are tied together somehow.

If you’ve not seen any of the current run, then we apologise for the inevitable spoilers that follow.


Easily the most prominent example of eggs has to be the shape of Kahler Jex’s spaceship from A Town Called Mercy (which it should be noted has no reason to be egg-shaped – an aerodynamic shape doesn’t matter one jot in space, kids), which the Doctor described as “egg-like” because it is. And part of the Daleks’ start-up routine in Asylum Of The Daleks apparently includes sounding out the word “eggs” several times (as well as being implied in the presence of a soufflé). Dinosaurs On A Spaceship included its own egg clue, with the heroes stumbling upon a nest of dinosaur eggs. And finally, Brian offers his theory about what the cubes in The Power Of Three could be. He suggests alien eggs. We’d like to close this part of the discussion with one question: what species lays eggs in perfectly identical cubes?!

Death By Explosion

This one is a bit tenuous, given that the “death by explosion” thing could just be a part of Moffat’s brief for every writer to make every episode more like a film, but it has been in every episode thus far. In a rather bizarre subversion of “sequel escalation”, Asylum ended with the biggest explosion thus far, with an entire planet falling to the Daleks’ orbital bombardment. Dinosaurs On A Spaceship (this writer seems to be in a minority when he declares that putting those two words together does not make an episode good) gave us Solomon’s death when the Doctor left him to die aboard a missile-magnet of a spaceship. The Power Of Three featured the Doctor causing a power burst or some such nonsense, causing the spaceship to be blown to kingdom come. With two or more humans probably still on board. Okay then…

A Town Called Mercy showed Kahler-Jex ending the episode’s moral conundrum with what was probably the best way out; self-destructing his spaceship when he was inside. And yet somehow, the town’s electricity remained, giving us a great segue into…

Flickering Lights

Rory changes a flickering lightbulbThe Town Called Mercy example given above is especially notable in that there was no other reason for electricity to be in the episode. It seemed to exist for the Doctor to point out in a line about how anachronistic it was and for the lightbulbs to flicker (ooh, foreshadowing). Indeed, there’s been rather a lot of that this series.

The Dalek asylum was full of flickering lightbulbs (especially on their domes) and one of the indicators that something’s not quite right in Amy’s changing room was that the lightbulbs were flickering. Dinosaurs gave us Brian Pond and introduced him fixing – what else? – a lightbulb. Presumably this lightbulb must’ve been flickering for them to notice something wrong. And The Power Of Three gave us a double-whammy of foreshadowy-details, with flickering Christmas lights…


Christmas has also been mentioned conspicuously this season, with the Doctor telling the Daleks that him in captivity is “Christmas”. Indeed, it’s a bit of an odd word to use – do the Daleks even know what Christmas is? A Christmas list has been mentioned twice now, with both Dinosaurs and Mercy telling us that the Doctor has one. And of course, we must not forget the flickering Christmas lights example mentioned above from Power Of Three.

All this Christmassy-ness could be in reference to what’s to come at Christmas – we’re getting a new companion in the shapely form of Jenna-Louise Coleman. Depending on your point of view, it’ll be the making or the breaking of Chrimbo.

And Finally: Ignored But Not Forgotten

Ahh, the Silence. If The Grand Moff somehow brings this into play now, we’ll have a whole new respect for him – this is one of his longest-running plot threads yet (we were first introduced to the arc word all the way back in The Eleventh Hour) and one that seems to have been completely left by the wayside. It’s entirely possible that the Doctor and co have forgotten the Silence entirely, as that’s one of their powers and the Doctor has been leaving long gaps between visits to the Ponds (no way to refresh their memories).

Although the one blow against this theory is that the whole reason he’s trying to pass for dead is that he’s evading the Silence – it’s hardly likely that he’d forget who he’s running from. We just don’t know anymore. And let us not forget, we still don’t know who blew up the TARDIS at the end of Series 5 or how they did it (the creepy voice said “Silence Will Fall” but that could be anybody speaking). This is one plot thread that we hope is tied up soon, or this will be one long game…

(Thanks to TV Equals for the initial article idea!)

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  1. castellanspandrel says:

    I’m not Alasdair Shaw, old bean, and never have been.

    There’s more than one Alasdair on here, you know.

  2. castellanspandrel says:

    “Dinosaurs On A Spaceship (this writer seems to be in a minority when he declares that putting those two words together does not make an episode good)” – Ha ha!

    I didn’t mind ‘Dinosaurs’ but yes, that did come across as smug in the episode, as though the writer was yelling, “Look what I’ve done!”

  3. mils says:

    > what species lays eggs in perfectly identical cubes?

    Wombats do. Seriously. Well, sort of cube-ish anyway.

  4. BOJAY says:

    I love you humans, always seeing patterns in things that aren’t there. Sorry, could be wrong, but I just had to say that.

    • castellanspandrel says:

      “I love you humans, always seeing patterns in things that aren’t there.”

      -Despite pointing out some of the themes/motifs above on the forum, I agree with you. I don’t think there’s anything in the eggs, in particular.

      The only one that might have some relevance is the lights, simply because the Angels can turn out lights, as can the Silence, and the Dalek Zombies also made a light flicker before abducting Amy.

      Either way, it’s fun to speculate. It takes our minds off the sheer tedium of the everyday and the quotidian!

  5. castellanspandrel says:

    No sweat. ‘Brain’ or Brian? Let’s shove the blame onto Terrasoloist!

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