Kasterborous Nominated For Doctor Who Online Awards!

Brian Terranova, James McLean and Christian Cawley of the Doctor Who PodKast (with a "K")

Brian Terranova, James McLean and Christian Cawley host the Doctor Who PodKast (with a “K”)

Well, this has been a pretty good day for Kasterborous. Turns out we’ve been nominated in not just one, but TWO categories in the Doctor Who Online Awards! Now the real battle begins, a vote-off…to the death! (Not really.)

Even one would be great, two is an absolute joy. All on the Kasterborous team should feel very honoured to be nominated and Our Benevolent Overlord is over the moon about it!

More importantly, the fact that we’re nominated at all is down to you, our esteemed readers who have shown immense taste and indeed sense in choosing Kasterborous as your daily Doctor Who news and reviews destination.

We’ve been bringing news, reviews, interviews and opinions to Doctor Who fans since 2004, and running a podKast since 2006 (going weekly in early 2011) and it’s absolutely thrilling that we should get a nomination in one category, never mind two!

Should you wish to demonstrate to the entire world just what great taste you have, you can click the links below to Kast your votes… (although note that registration at the DWO forum is required).



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  1. Jim McLean says:

    I do hate it when Christian impairs my vision. I’m all like “vision impaired! vision impaired! Cannot see! Out of control!” and stuff.

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