Will You Miss Amy Pond?

Flesh and Stone - the (later) Eleventh Doctor and Amy PondWhat will I miss most about Amy Pond and her relationship with the Doctor?

‘Come along, Pond.’

Amy might have been the girl who waited all those years for her raggedy Doctor to return – bringing with him a world of impossible things and endless choices – but she wasn’t one to get overawed by these brave new worlds.

The Doctor’s command is as much an admission that domestic life perplexed him as it is a sign that he’ll never have it any other way.

Amy taught this more alien incarnation of the Time Lord the power of love and friendship – she’s a constant reminder of his adopted humanity – she’s taken her childhood hero and made him real.

There’s an easy, playful tone to that statement that belies the time they have spent together –  might be promising a ‘heartbreaking storyline’ but I can think of nothing more tear jerking than seeing easy friends parting ways.

They were companions in every sense of the word.

When she first burst onto our screens she was all long legs, impossible skirts and cascading red hair – that first impression took awhile to shake (if its ever been shaken free of) – it overshadowed the generousness of Gillan’s acting – she may have played big but it was inclusive and never detrimental to her co-stars or the show.

Over the course of her time onboard the TARDIS which in terms of length ranks just behind Billie Piper’s Rose, she’s gone from an aborted pre-marital fling with her bemused friend to almost limitless determination – be it chasing her kidnapped daughter across the universe to providing constant banter.

Perhaps when time has passed you’ll look back on these things and see everything differently – time has that effect – perhaps her lessons in humanity underlined her blasé attitude towards the Doctor (remember she was the girl who waited; her awe may have been used up in the years of psychotherapy she endured because of his absence), maybe she was too shrill.

Maybe she lost her fierce free spirit… perhaps her relationship with Rory and the Doctor had reached its natural conclusion midway through Series 6.

Of course she won’t be gone for awhile. It’ll take a good year or so for the press to stop using variations on the ‘What Amy Did Next’ theme – and even your own brain will scream ‘Look! It’s Amy Pond!’ every time she makes a non-Who related appearance in whatever medium she tries next.

It all comes back to that first impression again – you never really let go of it, not entirely – Karen will always be competing against your internal image of Amy and every time she does something Amy wouldn’t it’ll feel awkward and wrong – like if Winnie the Pooh got fed up with Pooh Sticks and bought a PS Vita.

In a sense her absence will only go on to strengthen her character as she changes and becomes the confident actress we saw in We’ll Take Manhattan.

I’ll miss Amy Pond but I’m not sure I’ll miss her as much as I’ll miss them all together.

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  1. ChrisL says:

    I suppose the short answer is…


    I shan’t miss Amy Pond at all. She is by far my least favourite companion of the modern era for so many reasons.

  2. Rick Lundeen says:

    She had her moments but I won’t miss her. They’ve technically already had her leave twice and have dragged her and Rory back so I’m hoping this time it sticks. Gillen’s always been inconsistent in her performance, brilliant in some episodes, wooden in others. Sometimes you like her, sometimes she comes off as a petulant brat. either way, she’s already been in the Tardis longer than any new era companion and since it’s not the Amy Pond show, I’m all for getting new blood in.

    I’ll miss Rory though. He’s come along nicely.

  3. Philip Bates says:

    I will Amy and Rory massively. Best TARDIS team, as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Gavin Noble says:

    I won’t miss the character of Amy at all. It shows how badly she has been writen for that in The God Complex Rita was a more likeable and well rounded character in her 30 minutes of screen time than Amy has been in two complete series.

    I will miss Rory though, and that is down to Arthur Darville making the most of the scraps he has been given to work with.

  5. ellle24 says:

    I won’t miss Amy either; in fact I’m quite excited to see who the new series brings us. But I *will* miss little Amelia Pond, who was all-round quite fantastic. It’s a real shame they weren’t able to use more of her in the most recent series.

  6. :) says:

    Yes. I love Amy and Rory and I love the way the four of them (+11 and River) work together. Everyone must be a Pond! 😀
    But it’ll be fun seeing someone else with 11.

  7. Whovian says:

    I will not miss Amy. Yes, Karen is a good actress, but her character isn’t that good in my opinion but she has been good to watch. (Sorry Amy fans, i don’t mean to offend.) I am really looking forward for a new companion, and to see how the Doctor interacts with them, Its time the show has a reboot, and has some fresh new faces! 🙂 I can’t wait for the new series!

  8. Brian Stultz says:

    I would put her on par with Joe Grant, Zoe, Romana II, Teagan or Donna. Sarah and Ace being the pinnacle. As far as new series companions she is the best and will be missed. Even though they shared a kiss it was way better than the Doctor fawning over Rose or Martha over the Doctor. Having a couple on board was great and different; so I will also be missing Rory!!

  9. CastellanSpandrel says:

    No, I won’t miss her at all.

    Still can’t work out exactly what her character is meant to be. If someone asked you to write down her principal traits, what would you write down? She’s blurry, which has often led to Karen Gillan over-compensating for the lack of a clear character with whacky hand movements, facial tics and delivery. But I do think she was better last season and she has had her moments, including some fine performances (in ‘The Girl Who Waited’ and ‘Impossible Astronaut’ in particular.)

    Have to agree that Rory makes a better a companion/character – more loveable than Amy – but even he has suffered from the modern Who compulsion to turn an ordinary, believable person into an alt-universe-hopping omniscient warrior/human-Time Lord/wimp-turned-fighting hero/person whose memory enables a reboot of the entire universe…or in his case, a former Auton-Roman.

    The whole saga of those 2 leaving and coming back feels drawn out. Perhaps it should have been left as it was at the end of God Complex.

  10. Amber says:

    I won’t miss her. The way the character was written needed a great actor not to make her toothgrindingly annoying, and unfortunately I don’t think Karen is skilled enough.

    I’ll miss Rory though, Arthur’s done a great job despite his chsracter being defined by an unconditional love for Amy. His occasional quiet moments with the Doctor were always enjoyable.

  11. Caity says:

    Have to agree with the majority of comments – I won’t miss Amy. Worse of the new Who companions, petulant and snarky without the humour of say Donna.

    Love Rory though and will miss him; all due to Arthur Darvill’s brilliant portrayal.

  12. Mr Brak says:


  13. January says:

    I’m so completely relieved to know I won’t have to hear that name again. Pond, Pond, Pond, finally moving on to Gone! Lovely actress, but her character was dragged through an unnaturally long and absolutely unecessary set of arcs that did less to further her growth than to become a gnashing, overbearing, cartoonish mess.

    I liked Amy. For possibly the first five or so episodes. After that I wished she’d have been turned into one of those silly fish-vampires.

    There’s usually a wonderful romance in following along with a longer-term companion; in seeing their growths and changes from their experiences with the Doctor. But this just seemed like something of a joke… or a sad lack of writing imagination… or a convenient writing tool based on writing whim and real life chemistry… or all of the above. Regardless, I can’t wait for it to be over with her.

    Would be wonderful to see Karen come back to Who in an entirely different role. She’d make a marvelous alien all sfx’d up. 🙂

  14. farsighted99 says:

    I will miss Karen. I grew to like her. Jenna looks okay, but I just can’t imagine the TARDIS without Amy and Rory in it. So it will take me awhile to warm up to the new companion. She looks a bit too perky for me.

  15. Rosalie says:

    I’ll miss the Doctor-Amy-Rory TARDIS dynamic, but I do think that it is time for Amy to leave. She grew as a character, went through hardships, even made me like her…but the Doctor’s farewell to her a the end of God Complex was so, so true. “Perhaps there’s a greater adventure waiting for you through that door” indeed.
    Given the Doctor’s relationship with River and River’s with Amy and Rory, I would not object to seeing the Ponds return occasionally in the future. However, Karen Gillan has said that she won’t make any cameos after she leaves. This implies a final end for the character, and yes, I think it will be heartbreaking. I care more about the effect on the Doctor, though, than about Amy leaving. Rory, on the other hand…
    I only hope that the new companion will not follow in the trend of her predecessors and fall in love with the Doctor. That would really make me miss the Amy-Doctor BEST FRIEND relationship.

  16. Matthew_900 says:

    Nope didn’t in the slightest bit miss her. I was glad she left. Now waiting for Clara to leave too. Seriously Moffat can’t write relatable and likeable companions. I miss still miss Donna maybe that’s why I can’t seem to love the new companions because they come after the bests such as Donna, Wilf, Martha, Rose and Sarah Jane. I hope Capaldi’s Doctor will find incredible companions that can match the previous companions.

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