What About the Children (of Earth)?

Some of us remember Worzel Gummidge and Rainbow. Others amongst us will remember Ghostbusters or Batman: The Animated Series. Then there’s Duck Tales, Art Attack and Brum. Up until recently, children’s television has produced some memorable characters and stories but has the industry started to decline?

Former Doctor Who producer and creator of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, Russell T DaviesCertainly, The Sarah Jane Adventures is one of the most original children’s shows to be produced in the last five years and that was thanks to the genius of Russell T Davies and Phil Ford. But now Davies feels that children’s television is an “endangered species” that needs help and as it turns out, he’s on hand to save the day!

Aliens Vs Wizards is a new BBC television series made for CBBC, just like The Sarah Jane Adventures was. It follows the adventures of two sixteen year old boys, one a wizard and one in possession of a very intelligent scientific brain. The boys team up to fight an alien menace called the Nekross and to ultimately save the day.

This is the new brainchild of Davies and Ford, which already sounds like it’s going to be an instant smash hit, mixing Doctor Who and Harry Potter means there will be something for everyone! Davies not only reintroduced the world to Doctor Who in 2005 but is also produced Children’s Ward for CITV in the 1990’s and so has deep roots in children’s television.

But will his new show be enough for the kids and their imaginations? With the loss of The Sarah Jane Adventures due to the untimely passing of Elisabeth Sladen, Aliens Vs Wizards is one of the only troopers that appear to be fighting a losing battle. There are certainly some shows available for kids but how many will remain standing?

Hopefully Davies and his writing friends have a few more ideas up their sleeves yet!

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  1. Bob James says:

    Good to see RTD and PF producing/writing/showrunning a show in the UK as opposed to the USA. Those of us in the States will probably get to see it (BBC America?), without the dreaded US “dumbing” threatening to cause us any brain damage.

  2. It’s probably worth repeating what we said in the previous article. We won’t be covering this show on Kasterborous but will be following its production on the Cult Britannia website, the link to which you will find below…

  3. daniel says:

    RTD has been outspoken on the issue. Luckily the BBC are relatively profitable from the shows that they have such as Tracey Beaker, SJAs, Shaun the Sheep and stuff on CBeebies

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