Top 10 Reasons to Listen to Big Finish in 2012

With the amazing amount of Doctor Who related adventures Big Finish release each year, it’s hard to keep track of where to begin or even what to buy. But don’t worry, we at Kasterborous thought we would give you a New Year’s present in the form of this cut-out-and-keep guide (warning: do not apply sharp objects to your computer display – Ed) to what you need to know about their output. Enjoy!

Big Finish, producers of Doctor Who audio adventures10. With all of the expensive Doctor Who products available Big Finish still release their Doctor Who adventures at a nice affordable price. Which comes in handy after the expense that is Christmas and New Year!

9. Jago & Litefoot are back for another series of adventures this year, seeing as how great the first three were you probably don’t want to miss this new bunch!

8. The Eighth Doctor gets a special box set this year, with new adventures continuing on from events in To The Death. It’s going to be a fascinating listen as we discover a darker side to his character and maybe, just maybe come to closer to the start of the Last Great Time War.

7. This Sixth Doctor gets a brand new companion called Flip. We last heard her sticking up for humanity in The Crimes of Thomas Brewster and it will be fun to hear more from this feisty girl!

6. More Lost Stories are coming out featuring the First and Sixth Doctors. These rare treats are going to be a fascinating insight into what may have been but never came about. Keep your eyes peeled for The Masters of Luxor, the unmade William Hartnell story that will now be given the best treatment that it deserves.

5. Countermeasures, the Remembrance of the Daleks spin-off, will show us the new adventures of Group Captain “Chunky” Gilmore, Alison and Rachel as they tackle alien threats to the word but without the help of the Doctor. This box set looks like it will be Big Finish’s answer to Torchwood and promises to deliver some exciting adventures in 2012.

4. Jubilee, Davros, Spare Parts and The Chimes of Midnight. If you haven’t heard these and you’re a Doctor Who fan go and listen to them now. They will make you love Big Finish. Seriously, your wonder why you have never listened to them before.

3.  The Companion Chronicles have increasingly pushed the envelope in terms of storytelling and style over the last two years, giving us brand new adventures for not just all the Doctors but specifically the first three. Listening to wonderful story telling skills from the likes of Wendy Padbury, Katy Manning and William Russell is a joy to hear and is a wonderful indulgence in nostalgia

2. Terror Firma, Project Lazarus and The Kingmaker, there’s three more reasons for you to go and browse Big Finish’s Doctor Who back catalogue.

1. Tom Baker. The Fourth Doctor. Six new adventures with Leela. A box set of Lost Stories. He’s back and it’s about time.

Go forth and start to love Big Finish, you’ll won’t regret it! Visit for full details.

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  1. Paddy says:

    Regarding the Tom Baker stuff – the first ten minutes of his first story are available on the BF podcast. Well worth a listen, the music in particular is really good for capturing the feel of the old episodes.

  2. Mr Brak says:

    There’s a lot of ‘product’ though. I think maybe too much.

    When BF started way back in 1827, I admired their ‘pure’ stance, in that they wouldn’t ever have – for instance – Sean Pertwee in to play his Dad, and companions would only be with the Doctors they were with in the televised show.

    It does feel now as though anything goes. Creating another Torchwood-esque group out of the bones of Remembrance? Do we need that? I remember a time when people dissed (yout’ speak) BBV for doing similar.

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