Eleven Forever!

Recently, there have been rumblings all over the grapevine that Matt Smith might be thinking about hanging up his bow tie, leaving Doctor Who and heading to America for other acting roles.

But that’s all hearsay and conjecture; nothing has been confirmed or announced. We’ve definitely got Smithy until at least 2013 which will take us up to the fiftieth anniversary of the show.

But beyond that, what will happen to the Eleventh Doctor? Matt has certainly put a very unique stamp all over Doctor Who; his portrayal of the character is unique, brilliant and a wonder to watch on a Saturday night. But will we be saying goodbye to the actor once the big 5-0 has hit the show? It’s difficult to know.

The average television life span for a Doctor is normally three years (three have had longer, three have had less) Patrick Troughton even offered Peter Davison the advice that that was a good period to stay with the show for. And we all know that Matt Smith is a Patrick Troughton fan!

Realistically, no one can tell when Matt will go – it’s his decision and he will announce it when he’s ready. But it does make you think about how much he will be missed when he eventually does leave the role. Yes, it’s too early to start talking about issues like this and yes, there’s not much point to speculating as opposed to just enjoying the Eleventh Doctor whilst we still have him but whoever follows Matt’s Doctor will have to put on one hell of a show to make us forget him. This really shows what a great actor Matt Smith is. Two years ago, many fans were venting their frustration that they did not think Smith would be able to follow in David Tennant’s footsteps and now to many people, the Eleventh Doctor is their Doctor.

Smith will leave the role of the Doctor one day, he’ll explode in a burst of energy and a new actor will take his place but Doctor number eleven will never, ever be forgotten.

He’s just too good.

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  1. Holocluck Henly says:

    Good point, and we know he’ll stay through at least the 8th series. But beware prophecies. We already know he’ll go on the fields of Trenzolor (sp), so the end IS planned. Unless Moffat has that reserved for when Smith says the word. As for galivanting around Los Angeles among friends with contacts, that can mean anything. It’s not unusual for Dr Who cast to take on a project during their 3 month hiatus, and we know this time around Matt has a LOT of time.

  2. Simon says:

    … I get so sick of this; 50% of fans want their actors to stay, whilst the other 50% want ot know when they can finally be shot of you.

    I have no time for people who want a yes or no – IMHO, they’re simply not fans whatsoever.

  3. Spaceman says:

    Its funny, for a long time, since Jon Pertwee’s Green Death. I have always looked forward to the next Doctor/actor with enthusiasm, it’s a continuation of the one character’s different personas traveling through space and time.

    David’s last year, after the Next Doctor, was not great in my opinion. And for the first time, I was looking forward to the next incarnation. Matt has come along, I’ve enjoyed his Doctor greatly. To the extent that I am not looking forward to when he does decide to leave.

    BUT!! When that time comes and while I will miss my Doctor, as a long time fan, I will watch to see what will come. Where the next Doctor’s adventures will take me and us all. (Because that is what the programme is about after all….)

    All I need to know for the next actor before he starts is: How long is he staying for? When is he planning on leaving? So I can just ask the same questions of the next actor!!

    These seem to be the most important things we(?)need to know…
    (Not in my book…)
    To quote the 4th Doctor. Flap-doodle!!!

  4. ChrisL says:

    Sorry but I fail to understand the purpose of this article!

    If it’s just another chance to heap yet more praise on Matt’s worthy shoulders then fine, but why wrap it up in pointless speculation about how long he’ll continue to pilot the TARDIS?

    He’ll stay as long as he wants to, I suspect. I certainly think he’s earned the right to choose the time and manner of his departure & I, for one, hope it isn’t for many, many years.

    As somebody who has been fortunate enough to have watched all eleven incarnations as they happened, I have no idea of which Doctor is MY Doctor but Matt’s interpretation is up there with the best of ’em.
    I suppose my favourites are still the 5th & 10th but number 11 isn’t too far behind. What I don’t understand though is this seemingly irresistible need to keep second guessing when and/or why the current incumbent will be moving on.

    Isn’t it slightly insulting to be even talking about Matt’s departure like this (as it also was during David & Chris’s tenure), when he’s done nothing but say how much he’s enjoying the role.

    Some say he must go before he becomes typecast but only bad actors get typecast and Matt Smith is certainly not a bad actor.
    He is the current Doctor and long may that continue, any talk of his departure is pointless and hopefully very premature.

  5. Bob James says:

    Matt will decide when his time to depart will be, or maybe he already has. But he is here NOW. And we should all treasure every moment that’s been, and that will come. So far, no production team, in my opinion, has chosen badly when it has come to casting the Doctor, and no actor has yet failed the part. All of these actors have prevailed in the face of failed writing, wrong footed starts, and sometimes really bad production values. Every single one IS the Doctor, and each of us no doubt has a favorite, but they have all been marvelous. What did the Brig once say? “Something along the lines of “Splendid chaps, all of them.”………

  6. Spaceman says:

    Agreed “on the choice of actors chosen over the years.” They’ve all been a continuation of the same character and I have enjoyed every incarnation. Granted some stories are better than others eg writing. Directing etc… And we won’t go down that debate, everyone has their differing choices. };-{)>

    But what has got me over the years, mostly recently is the intense concern with “When he’s leaving?” “Who’s the next?” What did happen to sit back and enjoy?? The change over comes when it comes, right?

    All the papers/media are trying to do is get the ‘Predicted scoop’ first…Sad!

    And the fact that Matt is getting the chance to do other roles while doing Who, means that while he’s in the public eye doing other roles, he won’t be type cast.. Coupled with what was said earlier about “bad actors”..

    • Cosmic Hobo says:

      All this speculation in the mainstream press is a good sign,even if it is all empty conjecture.It shows how important a part of British culture Doctor Who is and even when the show’s off air it keeps it in the public eye.

  7. Alex says:

    The fact is the media has had an abysmal track record as far as predicting when a Doctor was leaving and who would be replacing him. They missed the scoop about Eccleston leaving early completely, reported the multi-million dollar deal that signed Tennant for Series 5, continually report that Paterson Joseph (whoever he is) is a shoo-in to be the next Doctor primarily based upon his skin color and some half-hearted “sure I’d love to play him” comment from an interview and not whether he’d actually be any good in the part, and I saw at least one reporting predicting that Smith would regenerate at the end of Series 6. Meh. Smith will leave when he’s ready, we’ll have a round of fear and loathing from fans, they’ll pick someone OTHER than the favorite to be the Twelfth Doctor, there’ll be another round of fear and loathing from the fans (especially if the Catherine Tate effect kicks in – wherein UK fans express hatred for the choice based on some obscure TV show that no one outside the Isles has ever seen, resulting in US, Canadian and Australian fans reacting with puzzlement), then the new Doctor will be introduced in a suitably splashy way, there’ll be a split between those who love him (her?) and those who think the show is doomed to cancellation. And then within about 6 weeks the new Doctor will be treated like a rock star as he (she?) turns on the lights in Blackpool and we’ll all wonder how Doctor Who ever got along without him (her).

    • January Lost says:

      Candid and direct! Its like a breath of fresh air, lol. All the frustrated rough edges aside, I completely agree with you. You’ve put your finger quite succinctly on the cycle of social behavior that runs amuck through the fans. Even me. But its also to be expected as well as it should be applauded.

      Applauded, as these actors & writers are all stunning enough to brings us full circle from a self-perpetuated set of impulses and straighten us out… which inevitably only strengthens not only our resolve as fans who suffer the emotional traumas of change, but also strengthen the foundation/future of the show (which is its own Oroborous of sorts).

      I take a turn from your [subtextually implied] position, in realizing the aforementioned behavioral crecendo & hoping it continues. For the sake of Who and for the sake of future forums & sites like this, where the seeds of this very necessary process tends to originate from.

      Even so, it is nice to know that its not entirely undiagnosed by other fans. Which is of course why I appreciate your comment so much! 😉

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