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Technology, there’s nothing quite like it. A decade ago, the thought of everyone having music, movies, emails, books and everything else all tucked into one trusty mobile phone would have sounded like something from the very, very far future.

But now we have instant downloads and RSS feeds, and constant updates and everything to keep us connected to the world wherever we are.

The devices that we use to do this have started to become the ultimate way to enjoy a rich variation of media formats including our beloved Doctor Who. Take an iPad (or some such device) out with you and you can have episodes, soundtracks, and books at your fingertips, ready to devour on the trip to and from work.

With the release of the Doctor Who Encyclopedia on the iPad recently, it’s plain to see that Doctor Who apps are starting to take a whole new shape of their own.

For £4.99, you can download all the events that have occurred within the eleventh Doctor’s life so far. It’s a rich, colourful, entertaining and fascinating way to learn everything about the best and only Time Lord in the universe. You don’t get access to all of the Time Lord’s life however, information on Doctor’s nine and ten is available as an “in app purchase”, which basically means that once you buy the initial app, you can choose whether you want to buy more content or keep it as it is. But considering the unique presentation of this app, it’s worth spending an extra bit over the regular hardback edition if you can.

A wealth of other Doctor Who downloadable content is also becoming available-books such as The Silent Stars Go By and Father Time are available to download on the Amazon Kindle. Games such as The Mazes of Time are out there right now and there’s even an app for you to get hold of the IDW comics rather than having to head out to a specialist store. Oh and we shouldn’t forget Doctor Who: The Adventure Games either, whose latest episode The Gunpowder Plot was released this week.

Doctor Who downloads are where the money is to be made and their future is looking even bigger and brighter on tablet devices then it was only one year ago. Give some of them a try, treat yourself and spend a bit of money on a Doctor Who app, you’ll be pleased that you did!

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  1. farsighted99 says:

    It’s pretty cool, actually. It’s cheap enough. I can’t believe the BBC is actually getting more use out of Chris Eccleston and Billie Piper. And, woah,nice to see bits with Donna again, and all the regulars from the RTD era.

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