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With all the wibbly wobbly elements that Steven Moffat has injected into the last few years of Doctor Who, we’ve had a few mad situations offered up to us. The endless deaths of Rory Williams, the rebooting of the Universe, The cracks in time and the fall of the (fake) Doctor at Lake Silencio.

And through all of this, the Eleventh Doctor has been kept happy by one of loyalist friends, the fiery Amy Pond. But which Amy is the one that should really be standing by his side?

When the Eleventh Doctor first crashed back down to earth all post regenerative and craving apples, he met young Amelia, wide-eyed and innocent, waiting for something or someone to rescue her from a mundane and boring life in a sleepy village. Instantly, this likeable girl became a great contender to travel the universe with the Time Lord, not showing any fear despite the fact that she had been living with a crack in her wall and a barmy madman in a box had just appeared in her garden. But perhaps she was too young to see some of the terrible sites that the Doctor has to see.

We’ve had pregnant alternative Amy in Amy’s Choice. Still ballsy, still ferocious but ever so slightly slow and cumbersome and, well, heavily pregnant, travelling the universe and defeating fish aliens may not exactly have been the easiest for her in that state.

Ganger Amy was basically the Pond that we know and love although the only problem with her is that she carries a massive link to the Silence and Madame Kovarian and could probably be traced quite easily therefore putting everyone she cares about in dire jeopardy. Probably best to leave that version of Amy as “The Girl Who Waited And Was A Bit Annoyed That No One Came Back”. Let us not also forget the very submissive Teselecta Amy of Let’s Kill Hitler – one for the dads!

The only alternate Amy that would have seen an interesting shake up for the TARDIS dwellers is old Amy from The Girl Who Waited. She’s Amy but she’s more experienced, battle hardened and, most importantly, emotionally damaged. While that’s no good thing to be, it does make great television and breeds fantastic interaction between characters. Remember the Ninth Doctor facing his demons regarding the Time War? It would have been a rollercoaster ride to see two versions of Amy, one hopeful and one destroyed, trying to get on with life in the TARDIS with Rory and the Doctor. Ah well, maybe one day…

But of course, when all is said and done and the sun has set, there can only really be one Amelia Pond. The fiery haired kissogram that we first encounter in The Eleventh Hour when the Doctor comes to and finds her standing over him, dressed as a policewoman and showing no fear whatsoever – even though she’s clearly terrified. This definitive Amy is the one that we’ve come to know and love over the last two years. She’s stuck by the Doctor’s side through thick and thin, faced off against Daleks, Cybermen, A Dream Lord, The End of the Universe, the Silence, Madame Kovarian, the loss of her baby Melody and the final realisation that she’s the Doctor’s Mother-in-Law. And through all this, her faith in the Doctor has always shined through letting the Time Lord believe in himself and what he can do if someone has real faith in him..

In many ways, it’s a shame that the Pond’s had to leave the TARDIS but at the end of the day, the Doctor did the right thing because while there’s still an Amelia Pond in this universe, there’s still hope.

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  1. daniel says:

    another debate for you

    Old Amy- Would you?

  2. Stlshawn says:

    In a heartbeat 😉

  3. daniel says:

    i would…but would ask what fiery Amy Pond was doing!

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