The Trouble with River Song…

Something is definitely up with River Song. Having recently found out where she came from we still know very little about this enigmatic character. Her parents are Amy and Rory apparently but that still doesn’t give us that much to go on. Who is this “best man” that she killed? The Doctor? Rory? We’re going to have to wait for some of the answers that will hopefully come later this year.

But if you look a little closer at River’s life it does appear that someone is out to get her. The same day that her folks take the plunge and get married is the same day that the TARDIS explodes with her inside it and the universe has to be rebooted. Coincidence? Maybe not. We still don’t know who the mysterious voice belonged to in The Pandorica Opens claiming that “silence will fall…”, it didn’t sound like a Silent talking, it was definitely a new player. But who? And what exactly is their goal?

Another mysterious element to River is how at the end of The Big Bang did she manage to remember who the Doctor, Amy and Rory were when none of their meetings had happened until Amy remembered?

Steven Moffat has gone on record saying that River’s story is far from over and we certainly have more to learn. From her very first encounter with the Doctor (from his perspective, in his tenth incarnation) she’s certainly survived everything that’s been thrown at her and they’ve certainly remained friends through the years but this year’s run of Doctor Who has had her stating that once he finds out who she is, that’s when everything will change.

So maybe, just maybe they’re going to be enemies. What if River, as a young girl has some resentment to the Doctor? There are certainly going to be some tough decisions and circumstances that are going to arise when Doctor Who returns later this year. If River is indeed Melody Pond, then she is being carved into a weapon to fight the Doctor and if Melody is meant to be the little girl that we saw regenerating at the end of Day of the Moon it could possibly turn her a little funny. A human with Time Lord DNA has never really existed (Donna and Jenny do not count, let’s nip that in the bud) and one that has regenerated, all that power pouring through her body and mind could certainly have a massive effect. The girl could even have a madness to equal the Master’s.

If River is a danger, it would make sense that she would gather a few enemies over the course of her travels, enemies that would want her out of the way. If we accept the fact that she is the little girl that we saw regenerating then we know that she was guided by the Silence for a number of years but what exactly did they want with her? Could they be tracking her so that they could get to the Doctor or could it be that the squad who made their base on Demon’s Run?

Controlling River just so that they could get to the Doctor?

Answers are coming, but until then all we can do is speculate…

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  1. ChrisL says:

    One of the few benefits of being as old as I am (51) is that I have had the pleasure of watching Dr Who evolve into the magnificent show it has become, as it happened.

    I know the old, or “classic”, series’ are available in a variety of mediums to all and sundry, but my own (highly biased) opinion is that people of my vintage have the advantage of having lived through Dr Who’s complete history and can therefore make comparisons based upon experience gained ‘at the time’ instead of a via a retrospective viewing of DVDs etc.

    Anyway, enough of this ‘self-aggrandisement’, let’s get to the point.
    In all my years of watching Dr Who, I cannot remember a companion of The Doctor’s being so intriguing. River Song is the most wonderful, fascinating, puzzling and just downright interesting character in the whole show – not to mention absolutely gorgeous to boot 🙂

    I sincerely hope we don’t get all the answers to her mystery any time soon. The sooner her mystery is resolved the sooner she’ll be leaving the show and I’m in no hurry for that day to arrive.

    There seem to be many revelations yet to be made as to exactly who, or what, River Song is which give her character such depth and intrigue rarely seen in television science fiction.
    So many supporting characters on TV tend to be one dimensional – here one minute and gone the next. Not so River Song!
    She’s wonderful, fabulously acted by the glorious Alex Kingston, and when the day finally arrives when River Song leaves the show it will be a sad day… a sad day indeed.

  2. Dalek Space Marine says:

    She’s a brilliant charecter, and not just a ‘screamer’ like some of the old series female companions used to be (I’m 47 so I’ve seen a few). I loved the part in Big Bang when she threatens the Dalek!

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