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As you’ve hopefully all seen by now, there’s a lovely new trailer doing the rounds on the old interweb for Torchwood: Miracle Day. If you haven’t seen it yet then stop what you’re doing right now and watch the quite frankly brilliant trailer until you’ve memorised every bit.

…Done? Good, because now that your appetite is severely whetted and you just cannot wait for Torchwood to play out on the screens then we may have to put you in a slightly bad mood. But only if you live in Britain.

Whilst Miracle Day has been given an air date of July 8th in America on the Starz channel, it has yet to receive a start date in the UK. Which does seem a little bit odd seeing as how its parent show and indeed the whole premise of Torchwood was born and bred in England and Wales.

Now don’t read this the wrong way, it’s great that America has such a strong Doctor Who and Torchwood following and more fans equals more re-commissioned series to come but seriously, why is the UK not getting this first?

Imagine living in the States and discovering that Supernatural or Justified or The Office (that last one may have spun off from a British show but Greg Daniels has made it America’s own!) were to air in England way before stateside viewers got the chance to see it. The Starz channel may have been a great hand in helping Miracle Day to come to life but when it comes to anything to do with Doctor Who it really should be a case of “Britain gets first dibs”.

And this is said with the most respect possible, America creates many fine television shows each year and we wait over here in merry old England for them to eventually show up on DVD out of the blue one week. Normally we’re a year or two behind on seasons whereas Doctor Who is shown as soon as possible over in the US, shouldn’t we expect some kind of first in line status for our shows? It’s like EastEnders being shown a week in advance on the Fox channel before it airs in the UK!

Hopefully, this is all a rant over nothing and the BBC are just ironing out a few tweaks before they announce a UK air date to please everyone, they usually leave these things up until the last minute anyway. And maybe since the Starz channel is less well known then good old Auntie they may want to start getting there publicity rolling early to attract every viewer possible. After all, I’m sure that a joint venture with an overseas investor does not mean that it won’t get aired in the UK first. But then again, there was the Doctor Who TV Movie in 1996 that aired in England fifteen days after it was premiered in Canada.

Oh no, not again…

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  1. Charlie says:

    The BBC rarely announce air dates until usually a couple of weeks beforehand, whereas American networks seem to be able to plan months in advance. So don’t get your knickers in a twist. It’ll probably be shown on the same date or very shortly before or after.

    Fans, eh?

  2. 23skidoo says:

    I agree with Charlie. In all likelihood it’ll start on July 8 in the UK as well, or maybe even a day or two earlier. But this does illustrate the rather out-of-date attitude of the BBC in its refusal to confirm airdates until a couple weeks beforehand. Doctor Who was the same way – BBC America and Space announced April 23 as the start date for Series 6 and I fully expect to see the airdate for the fall announced as early as June 11 when they air the mid-season finale. Why can’t/won’t the BBC do the same? It’s clearly some sort of policy, and it’s one that needs to be changed to meet the reality of 2011 (arguably it was outdated in the 1980s).

    If the BBC does decide to air the show later than July 8, they’ll just be shooting themselves in the foot because just many (most?) fans probably won’t wait around for BBC America and Space to air Episodes 6 and 7 after the Memorial Day delay, it goes both ways with UK fans likely not willing to wait for the delayed broadcast for Torchwood.

  3. Zuzu says:

    was disgusted that licence payers who keep the BBC running were 2nd place on this. I too am glad it is popular there too but to let it air their first!!!! and Facebook friends in America were all talking about each episode before id seen it. Not right really. SAME day fair enough but before??? licence fee payers surely should take priority?

  4. Zuzu says:

    oh my. so many grammatical typos lol shoot me now. i was doing angry typing (its my excuse and i am sticking with it) 😉

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