Time Lord Spam

If The Doctor’s Wife confirmed anything its that the Time Lords are such a ponderous, pious race that even their transport wants to flee from them.

However this didn’t stop the Doctor from throwing himself and the Ponds into mortal danger at the merest hint of their continued existence.

It seems loneliness clouds even a Time Lord’s thinking but would it be such a bad thing if the Eleventh Doctor’s naughty school boy finally got his old headmasters back?

This seems unlikely. The Doctor, in his battles with the Master confirmed that he would know if any Time Lords had slipped the Time Lock around Gallifrey and found their way into the universe. Equally he’s already discovered that void space contains no other Time Lords though that didn’t stop him from pursuing it.

Perhaps that same telepathic bond doesn’t work in another universe. Maybe he was overjoyed and let his heart rule his head. You can imagine how that equation would be reversed the minute he started spending time with them.

The absolute, barely contained anger he felt when he found the Time Lord Message Cubes to be nothing more than Time Lord Spam all but killed his suspicions that perhaps the message would lead to something else.

Another potential return for the race would be the Chekov’s Gun in waiting the Corsair. But even that has been quashed by Neil Gaiman himself who in his Q & A with The Guardian confirmed that as far as he was concerned the Corsairs DNA perished when the asteroid reached absolute zero. Though he didn’t entirely kill the idea or that someone else might have a difference of opinion.

The Doctor’s Wife did a fantastic job of proving that the reintroduction of his race would only lessen the relationship that the Doctor has formed in the here and now (or as close to the here and now that a time traveller can get) with his companions and, more importantly with Sexy.

To go back over familiar ground that was conclusively covered in The End of Time feels like a step in the wrong direction.

Let’s leave the Time Lords to history- I think they’d be pleased with that.

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