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That Series 6 trailer sure has created a lot of hype – understandably so; I’ve just stopped and re-watched yet again it in the middle of writing this sentence and a thought has just occurred to me… the average passerby who has never heard of Doctor Who before might look at this advert and think it’s for a feature film, something that definitely couldn’t have been said about Series 1’s nonetheless exciting “Come With Me” trailer from six years ago.

It seems, though perhaps it’s just in my mind, that this particular “Darkest Hour” trailer is getting a lot more notice than any individual Who advert since at least Series 4, and that includes any ads for David Tennant’s swan song (or shall I say Ood song?) The End of Time.

The Independent has done nothing to discourage me from holding this belief with its unsurprisingly positive review of Doctor Who’s latest 60 seconds of (added) fame that it published over the weekend.  Commenting on everything from the continued speculation on River Song’s identity to what’s going on in that infamous TARDIS interior shot and pretty much everything else, the review is brief but thorough and seems to have been written by a fan who adores the show as much as the rest of us.

One question though – how much coverage is too much coverage?  More specifically, why is a newspaper reviewing, of all things, a trailer for Doctor Who?  Isn’t that taking it a little far?

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with reviewing the best show ever – but most newspapers wait for the broadcast of an actual episode to venture an opinion.  Heck, not even most fansites such as the very one you’re reading will typically go so far as to review a trailer.  Summarize?  Yes.  Be excited about?  Double yes.  Rate for quality?  Sometimes, perhaps, but what’s the point?

On the other side of the coin, reviewing a trailer ahead of time can serve as a bit of a hook to reel in the more casual viewer, and make him or her say, “Oh yeah, there’s a pretty decent show coming up, I think I’ll watch it!”  Plus, this review is filed under the Independent’s “Blogs” tab, which suggests that the article is online-only.  Perhaps there’s more of a place for trailer reviews on a newspaper’s website than there is for its in-print edition.  And really, the trailer “review” the Independent has provided really reads more like a recap and less like an actual review anyway… perhaps they only called it what they did because “Summary of the new Doctor Who trailer” isn’t nearly as interesting a title.

But what’s your take on this?  Should trailer reviewing strictly be left to us MegaWhoManiacs/forumers, or might it be considered proper for a newspaper to have a say over such a seemingly insignificant part of (a normal, non-Whovian’s) life as well?  I’ve written this because I’m curious to know what you think, so get typing!

Doctor Who will be back with The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon this Easter weekend on BBC One and BBC HD (yeah, like you didn’t know that).

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  1. Charlie says:

    So, er, this is a review, of a review, of the trailer?!? ;o)

    I think you may be worrying a bit too much about it all…

    My take on it, is that if national newspapers (online) are taking this much interest in it, then the viewing figures for the first episode at least should be very healthy.

    Move along!

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