Goodnight, Brubank

It’s time for a new Kasterborous podKast (we told you they would be more regular!) and this time around we’ve plenty to squeeze into the 50 minute format, which should suit you fine as you make the daily commute. Don’t forget to hide your MP3 player in your pocket, however, lest you spill that Starbucks on it.

We have an interesting mix of celebrity and standard Doctor Who chat this time around, which centers on John Barrowman’s appearance in online sitcom Goodnight Burbank which we reported on several months ago.

In fact in this week’s Kasterborous podKast you can find out more about Goodnight Burbank and hear from its creator (and Doctor Who fan) Hayden Black, along with his Burbank colleague Laura Silverman.

You’ll also find out just why we used that particular typo as the title for PodKast 2-2!

We had lots of fun with this one, which also features James McLean and Christian Cawley discussing the recent Doctor Who Series 6 teaser trailers (but was recorded a little too early to cover the full 60 second trailer).

If you’re ready to listen to the new podKast, here it is:


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  1. James McLean says:

    Just to add to this, if you wish to visit Goodnight Burbank’s website, it’s – or twitter at goodniteburbank ! Missed those addresses off the podcast! Apologies to Hayden and co!

  1. August 2, 2011

    […] up anyhow. It could indeed be a small, small mention! Still for Hayden, who was a big Who fan (I interviewed Hayden – and actress Laura Silverman – about GNB and Doctor Who for Kaster…) it’s a great honour to have his work referenced in a magazine he used to love. In fact, he […]

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