Return of the podKast!

Well, it’s taken quite a bit of work to get this far, but I am delighted, ladies and gentlemen, to announce the return of the Kasterborous podKast (with a “K”, remember?).

It is a remarkable that we started with the very first one back in 2007, and in the intervening years it is fair to say that we have been summarily trumped by Podshock and DWO WhoCast who regularly issue good quality and compelling podcasts.

Except… they’re not Kasterborous, are they?

Now the story of our 10th podkast (with a “K”, yeh?) is an interesting one that goes back to September last year. At the time of his trip to the UK, Brian A. Terranova and myself had hoped to record a lot of traditional podkast material, but sadly this didn’t transpire.

This is one of the dangers of running a website between two different timezones.

So prompted by our own Patrick Riley – who might well be launching a side project of his own in the future or at the very least teaming up for the new podKast paradigm (as I’ve been rather pretentiously, yet satisfyingly, describing it) – we’ve pushed on with a slightly different take on the traditional Kasterborous podKast (with a… oh sod it).

We’re breathing new life into the old girl with what we hope will be a team approach. Patrick and Brian will hopefully be taking part  at some point in the not too distant future (along with any other Kasterborous team members who happen to be free and on Skype) but this time around I’m very happy to announce the first podKast in a very long time presented by myself with admirable support from podcasting veteran James McLean, the powerhouse behind the Millennium TV show campaign podcast BacktoFrankBlack.

Big thanks must go to James for editing down our first chat about Doctor Who – we’ll be bringing you more podKasts in the near future with a selection of interesting interviews.

In the meantime, join me as we get to know newcomer James McLean in the first of what we hope will be a regular new Kasterborous Doctor Who podKast!

Meanwhile you can subscribe to the podKast feed and both enjoy the classic podKasts and get new editions straight into your MP3 player!

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3 Responses

  1. castellanspandrell says:

    Enjoyed this podkast. Lots of articulacy and depth in your discussions.

    Agree wholeheartedly regarding the season climaxes and Amy: “I don’t know who she is yet” – sums it up for me.

  2. Thanks CS, glad to know you’re listening!

  3. James McLean says:

    Thanks CS. Virgin territory for me on Kasterborous (rather than virgin territory in any other respects – I refer of course to the Virgin Doctor Who New Adventures which I love and not any other connotation wrought by the word “virgin”, you dirty dirty minds).

    Just finished editing the second podcast which is very different with a real magazine flavour of topics and interviews! Hope you stick with it. We’ll be watching the feedback very closely and happy to respond to comments in future podcasts.

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