Doc of the Pops (part 2)


Episode 3 – China In Your Hand

The Doctor finds himself up against it in a village of peasants under the leadership of Chairman Mao.

Episode 4 – The Tide Is High

The TARDIS materialises in a harbour with the sea lapping over the walls. Is it too late that the Doctor realises that he is in Atlantis…?

Episode 5 – Yellow Submarine

The Doctor saves himself and some of the residents of Atlantis as he quickly knocks together a yellow submarine to take them to the safety.

Episode 6 – Master And Servant

He thought he’d seen the last of them but the Master and Lucy Saxon are back and plotting revenge over all human kind.

Episode 7 – Roll Over Beethoven

Vienna is the setting as the Doctor forms a cabaret duo with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and helps him to nurture the young Ludwig van Beethoven

Episode 8 – Another Brick In The Wall

The Doctor visits Britain in the year 125 but is soon captured by the Roman forces and is made a slave. His work order is to help the Emperor Hadrian in his greatest engineering project…

Episode 9 – Wonderwall

With the project nearly complete, the Doctor helps Hadrian overcome the problem of having run out of stone with the sonic screwdriver’s ‘make stones appear out of nowhere’ function.

Episode 10 – Waterloo

It is 18 June 1815 and a strange blue box lands on board Napoleon’s flag ship. Can he escape before Lord Nelson’s men give him that sinking feeling?

Episode 11 – Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree

The Doctor finds a cure for Dutch Elm Disease.

Episode 12 – Living Doll

The Doctor is back on Earth visiting Martha Jones. Unfortunately, some happenings are afoot and it is revealed that the Master has once again teamed up with the Autons…

Episode 13 – Barbie Girl

With Martha’s Auton facsimile wrecking havoc, will the Doctor and the real Martha be able to stop the Master’s dastardly plan?

So, there we have it. Looking forward to next season’s Saturday night fever already. And with the announcement that Kylie will be in this year’s Christmas episode, Russell’s ‘Got To Be Certain’ that ‘On A Night Like This’ he’s got the mix right. Will it leave me with ‘Tears On My Pillow’, or will it be ‘Love At First Sight’? Was it just an excuse to get more musical references in? Come on, Russell, put your ‘Hand On Your Heart’ and ‘Confide In Me’. Huh – ‘I Should Be So Lucky’! No, its ok, ‘I Believe In You’…

Oh, this is too easy…

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